Day 292 what a drookit day with rain on top of the ice 🥶

I was wide awake at 6.26am. We live on a main road albeit a B class road and I’m very aware that it’s so much busier during this lockdown that it was the last time. There were a stream of trucks, tractors and cars this morning that got my mind moving. I tried the whole “I love my bed, I am super cosy and love to sleep” but actually I’m reading a really good book just now so that won.

I got all cosied up on the couch…. with my book, a coffee and zero dogs. And relax…….

My peace was shattered just before 9am with lots of licks and puppy kisses and that was just Craig…. jeez I am funny….

It was pouring this morning and we got soaked to the skin on the dog walk. Watching hubby stride it out you’d have no idea that there was ice on the roads. I must need new boots 🥾 with better grips!

Not sure the pic does it justice but the rain was so cold and wet… yeah I know…. rain is wet. gran would always say its that rain that soaks you…..
They’re all having fun in the burn!
Rabbit in headlights?!?!

What a lovely lazy day after a warm shower and into clean comfies…. coz that’s how we roll these days…. and sat reading, watching Schitt’s Creek which is our new binge watch of choice!

Mum sent me this today – lovely words ♥️

So there was another Scottish lockdown announcement today with tighter restrictions to try and stop the virus from spreading further…. 6 new rules.

So I’m not gonna lie today has been the laziest of days obviously other than dog walking. There is so much that I could be doing today but I’m not. I finished my book and am not crocheting (once I stop writing the blog obviously). Just one of those days when rest and relaxation is needed.

Sums up my day!

I haven’t talked much about this but I get worked up when people don’t see the same side of things as me or when things go “wrong”. Strangely this can be abiut differing political views (not that I’m even that political!) or when we feel like things are constantly breaking and need fixing. It’s blown out of all proportion maybe because I have precious all else to worry about. I needed to see this one above. I should print it out. It takes the fire out of my anger. Let it go.

Back to relaxing…. 😁

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️