Day 297 supposedly Blue Monday but we all know that’s not a thing?!? Right??

I could not wake up this morning. Dead to the world. Out for the count. As comfy as…. even writing that just now I think…. hmmmm bed….. yeah, yeah, yeah!

I follow “Dare to be Happier” on FB and they shared this

So yeah today is apparently the most depressing day of the year. Christmas is over, the weather is still dark and miserable, it’s still another 2 weeks to pay day for those of you lucky enough to still be in paid employment (I’ll come back to that… tax man issues 😡) most people are trying to stay fit and healthy but the diet is boring and the exercise excitement is wearing off…. but Blue Monday is not a thing. It’s not a reason to be down. Every day is a fresh day a fresh start as we only get one shot at life. Every day is there to be taken and lived to the full. Yeah ok I do hear myself…….. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So shall I tell you how I spent my day?!?

  • Hoovering with a very clogged up hoover so did very little real actual hoovering…. could have, should have cleaned it all out. Instead just got annoyed and phoned mum for a chat!
  • Trying to contact the tax man about my £458.38 bill….. mr tax man did not want to answer the phone to me because he was very busy so after running through the “why are you calling” switchboard he decided that he could not deal with my call today then hung up… not to be deterred I tried again and this time got through to a real person after about half and hour, only to find that of course, my outstanding tax was valid. He does not care that my ex employer miscalculated the tax or that I cannot work yet and have ZERO income right now. He needs his pennies paying. While I sound annoyed I do get it but come on…. goanie gees a brek?!?!? It’s ok though as I can pay it up and not as a one off so I just need to add that to the list of things to remember to do for the next however long. Be as well just paying it and getting it out the way. Which I already knew on the first place I guess. 😬
  • I then decided to try to set up the Memorial Hall internet banking….. one the same day as a call to the tax man, I hear you say?!? Yip…… not sure why but I figured it couldn’t get any worse. 😬 only took a few hours to set up and even then I’m not sure it’s fully working yet. It’s 4pm and I am losing the will to live. 😣 but we will get there!! I dragged Rachel the Treasurer into it today too and after a 20 minute call with the bank they have to print a form and send it to her that she could not download or print in the house. She has to wait for it, fill it in then send it back and eventually when the hall finally opens after covid she may have access….. yay!
  • And finally putting out an advert for my new Pawsitive Puppies zoom call…. which is both necessary and terrifying at the same time. It’s me taking the next step in my new life. Change is not easy but you have to take the step. I love doing the calls. Advertising them is scary. Nothing is as painful as staying stuck….

What a fun way to spend the day eh?!? I made myself blue by the stuff I decided to do…. it needed doing sometime I guess.

I have managed a mere 1,399 steps so far. Wow. Yet still I need to sleep!!! Another lazy night in front of the tv for us I reckon.

Yes I hoped it would go better than it did… it needed doing….
I have to look a weeeeeeeee bit harder today

Tomorrow is a new day and I hope that i feel slightly more alert than today. There will be no tax man or bank to face so that’s positive already!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️