Day 310 a teensy bit of lockdown boredom creeping in?!

I think this might be the first day that I’ve genuinely not really had a clue what to do with myself…. not bad going since we’ve been in lockdown since 4th January if memory serves me right.

I got up to let the dogs out and went back to bed so it was about 10am before we surfaced and it’s only 16.20 now. How many hours are in this day?!?

There have been no random Border Collie turning up at our door today to even break the monotony. Just the usual 3!!

Craig noticed that “I wasn’t quite right this morning” and he was right. I like to keep my Sunday at least as a day off but I’ve had a lot of days off…. what on earth do I do today?!?

My boredom was bored!!

Thankfully Craig was walking the dogs and I decided to go with him. If I did nothing else at all at least I’d have done that!

It’s super cold and frosty
Cold, frosty, dark and murky!
Freya desperately trying to make the turn before Bhru!
Without the power lines this would be quite atmospheric
Cool cloud formations, looking across to Netherhill Cottage
Just over 6,5K steps done so better than nothing

When we got back that sense of nothing kicked in again….. thankfully Claire suggested a cuppa up the ladder!

I managed to shake coffee all over myself in the first selfie… doh!!

We had a good chat and out the world to rights and came to the conclusion that taking 1,200mgs a day of Ibuprofen was quite likely the the cause of my lethargy…. don’t know why I never thought of that before?!? I haven’t had a nap today but I could have….

I’m reading a book at the moment which kept me awake!

Hardly light reading but surprisingly interesting. The first two victims of Jack the Ripper seems to have been alcoholics. Women who came from good backgrounds who could not stop drinking due to issues in their earlier lives. They both lost good marriages and ended up trying to make enough money to drink and find a bed for the night, or end up sleeping in the streets. These women lost several children between them to alcohol related diseases, meningitis or other diseases of their time. One of them lost six siblings to early infant diseases. The hardships they endured were truly heartbreaking.

Here I am sitting feeling bored because of lockdown….. it really makes you realise how easy our lives are.

I stopped drinking because I didn’t like the loss of control and I didn’t seem able to stop when I started. That makes this book a wee bit of an uncomfortable read but at the same time, I’m so grateful that I don’t drink anymore.

The below really struck a chord with me…

I have enough anxiety of my own without the hangover anxiety. Not gonna lie that giving up drinking is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. What if people think I’m boring? What if they try to make me drink…. what if… what if?!

Only 2 days drinking since Jan 2019

I’ve come to terms with it now and as I sip my glass of Nosecco there’s no question of me ever going back to it. It would appear it will also make me less likely to fall victim to Jack the Ripper. (Poor joke but trying to bring it full circle!!)

Dinner is on, the tv is on. God knows what we will watch tonight but sure another few movies will pass the time.

And we cannot wait…..

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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