Day 315 lots of cake and trip to Largs… what lockdown dreams are made of (still raining though) 🌧🌧🍰🧁🥮🌊⛴🌧🌧

I had THE best sleep. No dreams, no nothing, just sleep.

Today was always going to be an exciting day what with cake and Largs but I’ll explain that in a mo…. first of all, today would have been my lovely Gran’s 99th birthday.

Here she is with little puppy Freya back in July 2017

I miss holding Grans hands. The feel of her thin skin. I was so lucky to have my Gran up until a few years ago. This is also her in Grans chair that I talk about a lot and was a huge support literally when I was off sick. Recline snooze, back up crochet. Perfect chair. Perfect Gran. Miss her 💜

This was taken 6 years ago today. She was telling me she never liked long hair and it was tickling her face as we tried to take the photo. Mum must be taking this. We agreed to disagree 💜

So up shower, hair wash, jeans on and a weeeeee bit of eyeliner, oh and perfume….. someone’s going somewhere….. the dogs are sniffing about as they know these smells are not “about-to-go-dog-walking” smells. Calaidh looks sad.

I on the other hand am ecstatic. ♥️

First things first…. out into Abbie the camper (novelty as she’s been in the garage for 3 days) and pop up to

Ellly’s Custom Cakes 🍰🧁🥮

to get some of her takeaway cakes!!!

How amazing is this?!?!?!

I ordered these the other day and decided on a morning pick up so we could just eat cake all day….. also thought it would be nice to have cake on Grans birthday!!

Then had to head straight out to Largs. My favourite place!!! I’d had to book an Opticians appointment as I’ve lost both pairs of glasses.

He weather was atrocious. Really heavy rain and sleet. it was like driving through a river heading over the moor.

The Clyde Murshiel Regional Park was covered in snow so it was a lovely drive. The sky was really dark and heavy with rain. The 2 reservoirs I drove past were really dark yet the surrounding hills were pure white. It was so lovely and so atmospheric. Couldn’t stop anywhere to take photos obviously. The road was like a river. The whole way over. It was really badly flooded. Just had to take my time and take it easy.

The first time I’ve seen the sea in ages!! I love the sky
I watched a funeral drive off this ferry and there were people waiting in Largs to pay their respects. Was sad but lovely to see. The hearse obviously was given first spot on the ferry and all the cars drove off behind it.
Some stunning Scottish scenery – the colours were stunning
It was freezing!!!!

Opticians went well. Lots of plastic screens in place to stop people from being near each other. Any glasses you touch must be put in a wee basket…. even if you touch some by mistake. By the time I’d wandered round the shop I had about 20 pairs in my wee basket 🤓😎🥸🤓😎🤩🤓😎🤩

It has stopped raining by the time I came out so I thought I’d grab a Costa Coffee. Not so easy. Have to scan the QR code in the window, download the app… register the Costa before you can get in and choose and pay for a coffee. Five mins later you open up the front door and your coffee is on a shelf waiting for you marked Julie A.

Clever huh?! And it was absolutely bloody lovely. I had a vanilla and coconut latte. Way too cold outside to even think about taking a photo.

I’ve got a puppy call tonight at 7pm…. I mean who works on a Friday night at 7pm…. it seemed like a good idea at the time. I I’m feet up in front of the fire having a wee rest. Warm and dry again and we just s had a piece of the Rocky Road…. oh my…. it was out of this world!!!

Happy weekend! Plenty of cake still to go!

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜