Day 330 the sun shone all day….. it helped my head ☀️🌤☀️🌤☀️

I start these blogs more often than not saying that I had the best sleep… dead to the world, out for the count…. but last night was one of those that I couldn’t wake up from. It was after 9 before I opened my eyes and realised Craig was already up. I could have quite honestly stayed in bed all day. it’s a struggle to open your eyes but it means that my head is well and truly empty.

Now I can hear all the jokes… yeah, yeah… but it’s a great feeling.

How lovely is that but I definitely have it a wee bit mixed up…. I eat triple, walk half, don’t really laugh at all but I do love without measure… least I have one out of the 4.

Claire messaged to say we should walk at 10am so I got out of bed at 9.45…. even then my eyes are still half shut. On my way out the door, I did have a conversation with Mr Snorey McSnorerson this morning…. oh my actual god he was the loudest ever last night… But it would appear that I wasn’t much better. Who knew?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️😆….. steps back from conversation quickly…. gotta go… out with dogs….. byeeee…..

Does anyone else see an angry green sheep face at the end of this wall?! 🐏💚
It is the start of a beautiful day
My trees
The clouds are lovely

Should say here that it’s warm on the sun but very windy out in the open.

A wee burn
Bhruic action shot!
The back of the J&B bond
The sun was glistening on the water….
Claire looking lovely!

I’m so pleased that we went out for a walk. My head is not great today. I’m very emotional and tired. Again… I’m tired of being tired, I’m sick of being exhausted and I just want a break. There were a few tears but it was so lovely to be out in the fresh air and having great chat.

I have to say there is never silence!!!!
Great fun!
Claire took this lovely pic of Bhruic
This may or may not be my first gate pic in ages?!?
Freya’s action shot on the way home!
Back on the gates again!
Even the moss on the dry stane dyke is beautiful. It’s so many different shades of green, looks thick and lush 💚

Claire took this pic from her bedroom window. After our walk I went out to Abbie the camper van and cleaned the dash, the floor, and bumped into loads of lovely people while I was out there.

Must have been out in the van for 2 or 3 hours. Was a lovely change… made coffee in it…. may have boiled the kettle in the house first… 😆 Then I took Calaidh up the hill.

Gnasher found a stick!
Daffodils coming soon! 🌼🌼🌼
Love this with the old bath and a random gate!
Playing the the portrait mode on my iPhone
Gorgeous girl 💕
Beautiful in the sun

You can imagine the angles I got myself into on this walk… just to get these shots 😱😆

The silhouette of our lovely village
Those eyes 👀

So I’ve had a lovely day. Spoken to lots of lovely people and I do feel a lot less emotional and sad. I’m still exhausted but I’ve had a great day and the sun has been lovely.

More crochet tonight…. determined to only have 100 squares left to do by tomorrow!

So yeah nothing else for it just keep plodding along and see what tomorrow brings. It’s bringing more sunshine and that will help.

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️