Day 314 it’s still raining and I’ve not stopped all day!!

None of us signed up for lockdown in Winter…. certainly not lockdown in TORRENTIAL rain. Having said that none of us signed up for a global pandemic lockdown. I’m being flippant but you know what I mean. We are so lucky that all we are asked to do is stay home and not fight in the trenches like during the world wars.

I’ve had the busiest day today. It’s 6pm already and I’m only just starting the blog.

I had to go to collect Abbie the camper van today after her £513 worth of work that needed done…. because of this……

This wee thing was £20 but it cost £480 of labour to diagnose and then replace. On the plus side the van seems to run a bit better and it smells a lot better. This was the turbo gasket so exhaust fumes were leaking into the van. I’ve a new pollen filter too so if we even have sun again, I’ll be awright….

Sadly the garage couldn’t repair the reversing camera as they didn’t know how to?!? I was surprisingly upset at that… I mean how hard is it?! I even asked if they could fit a new one but they didn’t seem to know if that was possible?!? Must ask on some of the VW pages to ask for some advice. Someone will know.

Forgot to mention that Freya and I walked to the garage….. I may have mentioned that it was pouring!!!!! We got absolutely soaked and I could feel water running down my arms inside my jacket….

Can’t get in the burn today…
What was a lovely frozen puddle the other day is just a muddy quagmire today!
Don’t think I’ve quite got this covered?!?!? Love dogs?? Love mud… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
This way mumma?

Back home just in time for a call that I had scheduled for 11am.

Craig and I then had a Pawsitive Solutions Zoom call and made a few decisions about social media moving forward and then I was straight onto my monthly tapping group Zoom call.

We discussed self fulfilment today and also laughter yoga. Honestly sit there and make yourself laugh even if it’s put on… it raises your spirits. You will feel a bit daft but honestly it ends up hysterical. 🤣🤣🤣

So I’m actually sick of the sound of my own voice now!

Not gonna lie I’m exhausted with all that. Need to go and sit in a quiet room now 😆

Stay safe everyone 💙🤍🧡