Day 335 a wee bit of a testing day but the sun shone…. and the steps are in the bag!

Thought that might make you laugh… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

I’m still making the most of lockdown and I’ve done loads today but things have been sent to try us and it’s just a question of breathing through it all and not letting it blow out of proportion.

So another sunrise walk with Bhruic and Freya and close to 8k steps done before 9am.

Overtoun of Broadstone
There may be a gate 🤦🏻‍♀️
The sky is stunning, it’s very misty in places so made for a nice sky
It is lovely though eh?!
My trees
The dogs went in this field for a run
Loved the sunlight stripes
Check the nick of Bhruic…. the only dog that can go in a burn and come out dirtier!!

Home for a coffee and a shower before my wee homeschooler popped in. Just for an hour today and she drew a picture of a Fairtrade super hero banana and made up a menu of Fairtrade food. Way easier than yesterday!

While she was working I got all the dog blankets into the washing machine and herein lies the first issue….. the washing machine drum is making a rasping noise when it spins. I’ve looked it up and am thinking that the bearings are away. It’s super noisy and has been for a week or so. Don’t think there’s anything it in as the drum alone makes a noise now.

So worst case scenario… new washing machine….. ok….

After Rachel left I decided to walk into Beith to the post office as have Auntie Margaret’s crochet blanket ready to go. A few other things too. All packed up and set off with Calaidh puppa.

Pure blue sky!

I got to the Beith Bypass…. (well this field above is right next to the road) when I remembered I didn’t have a mask with me. The first time I’ve been caught out without a mask. Not even a buff… our post office is way in the back of a shop so I couldn’t just stand with my arm over my mouth…. so suck up that little teensy weensy tiny bit of damn frustration and head back home via Spiers School Grounds. 😬😬😬

No point in being too upset but the old me would have had a melt down
It is a beautiful day although a bit cold
Yeah I know this blog now has loads of photos of this gate!
Walk this way mumma
Loved the light on the Ivy on the trees
Heading into the village on Main Road

Not sure I’ve mentioned before but we also own a house in Kilmarnock which is rented out. Sadly it’s in negative equity as a result of the property decline about a decade or so ago. So we rent it out…. and if I’m honest…. pretty much forget it exists.

The letter today is from some official agency suggesting our tenant is looking for council housing. 😱

That usually adds a fair bit of stress to life as we’ve often had unfortunate tenants so have enjoyed having the same one for about 4 years. We don’t know she is moving out yet. It’s just a kick in the gut reminder that we will need to sort that all out. But that’s ok….

This just isn’t about the cold…. obvs 🙄

I put my wheels and tyres up for sale today… got them all cleaned up and photogenic like and Craig has been polishing the Jeep to get it up for sale.

I’m up at over 15k steps now and am suddenly very tired. For the first time in a very long time I felt too tired to write the blog. I feel a bit down about the things that didn’t go our way today but I feel pretty shattered trying to look at it all positively.

We have Gateside Inn takeaway coming tonight so don’t even have to cook.

I never made it back to the Post Office but I will.

The washing machine will be what will be. The tyres will sell. The Jeep will sell and we’ll deal with Kilmarnock whatever happens. I’ve not fallen apart in the way I would have before which is huge progress. We can handle anything that gets thrown at us.

Just after a nap…..

Stay safe everyone 😴😴😴

5 thoughts on “Day 335 a wee bit of a testing day but the sun shone…. and the steps are in the bag!

    1. Thank you “someone” 🤣🤣 it’s the cookie reference that gives you away! Do 100 steps every time you get off the loo!! Xx


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