Day 966 a bit of an antsy day that ended with wild sea swimming!

I had the best sleep last night. Out for the count, so cosy and I did not want to open my eyes this morning, let alone get up!

I’m writing this in bed now and I finally feel this is where I’m meant to be 😂 it’s only 7pm!

They say the second day back is the hardest. I feel really tired, wiped out and a bit irritated that I have to do anything. I just wanted to stay in bed all day.

I tried to be super healthy with food today and yet I want to gorge on anything “bad” I can get my hands on. Yet none of it actually satisfies the hunger inside of me.

Work was actually good and I was busy but I overthought a lot and didn’t do things as comfortably as I did yesterday.

One thing that I did do and loved today was wild sea swimming for the first time…. Well not the first time ever but I spent about 20 minutes in the Firth of Clyde tonight and it’s 29th November!

I went with Ellison from work as her sister, Eileen, has been wild sea swimming for a good few years now and knows everything about the tides and wind direction etc. It seemed safe to go on her recommendation. I got a wetsuit for my 50th from Craigie as Ellison and I had talked about it a good few months back.

So finally tonight was the night. We left work very sharp, after I got changed into the wetsuit in Abbie the Campervan. That was a workout in itself. 😆

I was so excited.

Eileen lent me a spare pair of wetsuit gloves which really helped but NOTHING prepared me for the cold on my feet. I had to walk back out of the sea as quickly as I walked in.

By 4.30pm it was pretty dark and they reckon the water was around 9°C…. No concept as to how cold that would feel.

Waves of pain up my legs, pardon the pun.

I didn’t have wetsuit socks which the others did so I know that would have helped.

I just had to paddle about on the shore for a bit to acclimatise…. It was only a few minutes before my feet were numb enough and I could head in!

I had a waterproof pouch for my phone that Ellison gave me ages ago, but I have to say my photos are rubbish…. There was way too much going on to get a good photo 😂😂

I slowly walked out to the girls feeling the cold seep through various parts of the wetsuit 😂 but honestly nothing matched the cold of my feet. My body and hands were plenty warm enough.

Ellison and Eileen!
Ellison having a float!
Me finally having a float!

It was honestly amazing!

I have to order some wetsuit socks as there is nothing fun about that level of cold on my bare ankles….. but it felt amazing and a really fun thing to do.

I got dried as fast as I could and Ellison had given me a flask which I had a decaf coffee in. It helped to have a warm drink. My toes were numb most of the drive home. Abbie was up to 26°C by the time I got home and my feet were still cold.

I jumped straight in the shower and washed all my wet stuff. There’s a whole lotta sand in my bath now. No idea I was carrying that!

So as I said, I’m in bed with the electric blanket on and I’m super cosy. Ready for sleep.

A really fun end to the day! Thanks so much to the girls for inviting me and for lending me so many things!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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