Day 959 a beautiful day for housework, reading a whole book and bowel cancer test on 22/11/22 😬

It’s a beautiful day that I don’t think really was forecast.

I’ve been pottering round in my jammies all morning so far. I’ve done the housework, hoovered, scrubbed walls (that I wanted to wash before all my family came to stay!) and found a place for all of my lovely birthday gifts. It’s been running going back through everything again. I love this mug from the Crochet Hookers….

I’m also reading a birthday book from the Crochet Hookers called the Girls who Disappeared. I can’t put it down.

I did my bowel cancer test this morning so that’s all packaged up ready to send back. I had to write the date on the outside of it. I quite liked the fact that it’s 22/11/22.

It’s 12.45 and I’ve just wandered outside and sat down on the bench to enjoy the warmth of that sun.

It’s been nice to have a day with no real pressure to do anything. Of course it ss would have been equally lovely down by the sea and I wish I’d gone, but it wouldn’t be a holiday without me wishing I had done wzwsomething else now would it?!?

When we were kids, Dad always wanted a “plan of attack” whenever we had a holiday. He used to clap his hands and rub them together and ask what the plan of attack was. Maybe that’s where I get my desire to fill a holiday?

We took the dogs for a walk early afternoon and I posted my sample.

I’ve just realised that this post box dates back to King George as it says G-R at the top of it. Who knew??

We had a lovely walk and came home and I made beef stroganoff for a very late lunch. I also had a huge bit of birthday cake that’s still going strong. Not much left now.

I’ve sat and read in the sunroom for the rest of the afternoon. It got really cold so I put the stove on in the sunroom and proceeded to sit and roast quietly.

It’s been a lovely day filled with nothing much yet I have a clean house and that’s always a bonus.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️