Day 951 a very busy day and now I’ve hit a wall!

I could have sooooo easily stayed in bed this morning and not gone to the Farm. I’m tired. But… I got out of bed and drove Abbie the wobbly Campervan to the gym.

It was a good one this morning and I ran with Linda a fair bit and she’s always there with a word of encouragement. There was a lot of running and I’ve already done 12,537 steps so far and it’s 6.50pm.

There was a lovely sunrise this morning with a dark red sky. It was a great way to start the day.

Work was super busy and we had customers in all day. That hasn’t happened for a while. I’ve not had much time to catch up on the everything else so I need to get that done tomorrow.

I headed to Tesco after work and that’s where it started to go a bit wrong.

I wandered about aimlessly with absolutely no idea. I don’t fancy eating anything. Nothing appeals to me. Does that make any sense?!? I find myself wandering and talking to myself as I go. 🫣 I can’t think straight as my mind clouds.… I buy some bits and bobs that come to £65 but I forget so many things.

I should say here that I don’t do a list because my mind empties at the thought of one….. I was looking for inspiration in the supermarket and well….. yeah that went well…. 😆

I have a lot of rules when I supermarket shop. I can’t just buy what I want. I always search for the cheapest options and don’t always end up with the best choices because I refuse to spend a certain amount for certain things. Weird that eh?!

So many of the shelves are empty. It’s actually quite sad that Brexit has brought us to this. Empty fruit and veg in particular.

Anyway…. I left Tesco after an hour and half… and headed for diesel. The station was busy. I chose the pump that said…. EXTRA LONG HOSE USE BOTH SIDES…. Nope not extra long enough. 😉

Had to reverse wobble van back out and pull into the correct side of the pump. The guy in the shop said that he reckons the extra long hoses are shorter than the last long hoses they had…. 😆

Back home and unpacked the shopping and started dinner. I’m flagging now. I feel like I’ve had to use up all my energy today and I would happily just sit with a bag of crisps… but I cook dinner and make some soup for lunch tomorrow.

I can’t quite put my finger of it but I’m antsy and restless.

This is a big week for me and I have a lot to do and so many things to fall in to place and I’m longing for my normality without any interruptions. Some people are just never happy eh?!

It’s nearly 8pm already and we’ve just finished dinner. I need to relax now and stop my mind from running through all the things that need doing.

I will make a list to get it out my head.

A few funnies to end. 😆

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️