Day 952 it has just rained ALL day ☔️☔️☔️

It just didn’t stop raining today. It was so dark all day. I ended up having music on at my desk to try and drown out the rain on the portacabin roof!

I never used to be able to work with music but we’ve been enjoying some Ibiza chill classics in the background in the last few weeks.

I got through loads at work. I’m finishing up for a break tomorrow night and not back until Monday 28th. No customers in today… No wonder to be fair, you wouldn’t go out in that unless you had to!

I went to my friend Gemma’s straight from work. She very kindly agreed to take up my trousers for my outfit at the weekend. She did a great job. I love them!

I was a bit spooked driving home. I’m really struggling to see in the dark…. Yeah ok, I hear myself.

The van is wobbling, it’s pouring, the windscreen is streaky and the headlights from on coming cars were blinding me. I wobbled at one point and jerked the steering wheel thinking I was heading in the wrong direction. I got a fright and was like driving Miss Daisy all the way home.

Craig has done an amazing job in the house today. He’s done all the housework and fixed the living room radiator, which was falling off the wall. It’s the best thing in the world to come home to a clean house.

He can stay….. 😆♥️

Incidentally, we have a Shark pet hoover and it has an anti-hair wrap function……. Look at the amount of hair I cut off the anti-hair wrap roller. Absolutely shocking. wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with pets.

My Gran’s Christmas cactus is blooming at the moment. Mum has a cutting from the same plant but her flowers are darker pink when they bloom.

It’s beautifully delicate and fragile.

It made me think of a lovely friend of mine recovering from a big operation. She loves delicate flowers. I sent her a few photos to let her know I thought of her every time I looked at it.

Dinner is in the oven. Chicken chuffed with garlic and herb cheese and wrapped in Parma ham. Least I could do… feeding the worker 😘

So that’s all from me I think. Only one more sleep till holidays.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️