Day 950 what a beautiful day to be alive remembering so many that gave their lives so we could still be here ♥️

There is no wind, no sound, the birds have flown south yet we have a balmy 10°C forecast this morning. We’ve been outside since we got out of bed.

We may have regretted waking Cookie up this morning as she wouldn’t move, until we poked and prodded her 😬 and then her “kisses on the nose” were full blown Chihuahua licks all over the face!!! She sleeps under a blanket on the bed and gets herself all cooried in to it. Sooo cute.

We came outside into our newly pressure-washed garden and decided to light the fire pit.

Every year I try to do a new purple poppy photo shoot in memory of all the animals that are involved in war and in service but today did not go as planned…. I couldn’t get the 3 of them together at all. The excitement of having Cookie here seemed to knock any obedience on its head.

Calaidh as always is the star of the show.

Bhruic never manages to match Calaidh’s ladylike elegance.

And Freya……. Well bless….

Craig’s wood cutting with the village wood cutters this morning so I set off out with Cookie and Calaidh.

Then back home for Bhruic and Freya!

I’m now back in front of my fire in the garden.

I settle back in front of the fire when I got home, popping in and out forbhe house to do some small chores.

This is what life is all about. These moments where you feel super grateful for the calm, the peace and the beauty round about you.

The anxious, crying version of me from last Sunday, is nowhere to be seen.

The house is a riot and needs cleaned but I’m enjoying being outdoors far too much to start that just yet.

Look at that beautiful sun!

Craig took some photos from wood cutting.

So all of this before 12pm!!

I’ve had a lovely afternoon sitting by the fire in the sun, in a T-shirt in November!! Then went into Claire’s for a hair and makeup trial as she offered to do that for my birthday party next weekend. It was sooooo relaxing and I’m so pleased that I love it and I feel really natural….. and I get to relax in the run up to the party next week.

Craig and I then popped into the pub next door, where I had some Gordon’s Pink 0% gin with slimline tonic before heading over to the Village Hall with Holly to clean the toilets…. 🚽🚾🚻🧽🧹

It’s nearly 6pm and I can’t think what to have for dinner so I’m back outside at the dying embers of the fire, where we started the day.

I’ve had a pretty perfect Sunday just sorry I missed the in-laws when the came to pick Cookie up! I’ll miss her snuffling in bed tonight.

My weekends fly in these days but as long as my head is quiet and calm, that’s all that matters.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️