Day 961 another lovely holiday… shopping this time 🛍️🛍️

I went back on progesterone last night for the next two weeks. Craig told the pups to watch out when I told him…. There may be tears in the next few weeks. It’s only 1.35pm and I can feel it already. I’m more emotional and the tears aren’t far away.

I’ve got the start of a cold since I finished my massage yesterday. My nose is constantly running!

I was meant to be meeting mum for shopping today, but she works at a local day centre for the elderly on a Thursday and has to miss next week for a funeral, so didn’t want to miss two weeks in a row.

I hummed and hawed but decided to come shopping myself. I had M&S vouchers for my birthday.

I medicated up with cold and flu tablets and headed to Braehead Shopping Centre outside Glasgow and had the best wee day.

I’m flagging now and sitting in Starbucks with a Christmas red cup full of Caramel Waffle Latte. It’s lovely!

So I’ve had another wee fashion show to myself. I’m not spending my birthday money yet as I need to keep that for Abbie the Campervan and her demanding wobble, but I have managed to buy quite a lot on the cheap.

I started in M&S of course. I got these lovely checked joggies with my birthday voucher.

I also tried on these….

Not sure what I’m doing with the leg again?!?
Bit dull tho liked the black leggings
I really like this WEEKEND sweatshirt but it’s £29.50 so I left it… for now.

I also saw boots in M&S…. Standing joke in our family that I always got ankle boots for my birthday when I was wee…. It is the season to be fair. They were £45 with 20% off but I left them as I figured I didn’t need them that much. They were in the back of my mind though.

I then headed straight to Pandora as I wanted to get something with Mum and Dad’s money to know that it was from them for my 50th.

I looked at charms but none of them felt right… the girl asked me what my style was.

I told her I didn’t have any style and waved a hand down over what I was wearing as if to say “see?!?”

What a self deprecating thing to say. I wouldn’t be that cruel to my worst enemy. I put myself down every dance I get.

Anyway….. I decided to go for a bracelet instead. I can never have too many and this one mixes silver with rose gold so it’s different to everything else I have. It was also 30% off!!

I was in there for quite a while and by the time I left, there was a huge queue!

Onwards to New Look for a huge trying on spree. They have an “up to 50% off sale”.

Now I’m not a fan of a really big necklace but I loved this. Half price.
Quite liked this too but didn’t get it
This pinafore was a tenner! I love me a pinny….. although it looked dreadful without something under it so got this stripey top in Primark for £4 in their sale

From New Look into Deichmann and found the same boots as in M&S but with 50% off. I got the boots for £20! That’s only a tenner per boot…. Then off into Primark.

Didn’t go for either of these two tops though the idea was there, just didn’t think they worked.

Tried this sweatshirt on next as it was to go with the checked joggies….

Model’s own body warmer 😂😂😂

Show yourself more love….. that rings so true after how I’d reacted in Pandora. This T-shirt was £3.

Now hear me out here….. I took in a leather look jacket.

I love it. It’s a whole £14.

I’ve managed to pick up 2 or 3 different outfits today for under £100.

Now that I write all of this there is a part of me thinking about the labour that goes into making these throwaway clothes…. And I feel a tinge of guilt., but I can’t afford anything else so have to make do with as cheap as I can.

Didn’t get this hoodie but it was cute.

Now I should interrupt myself here and say that Gayle (of the little gift shop fame) has introduced me to an Instagram account called Fabfatand40plus (click link to see her) and I’m really inspired by the clothes she wears and the outfits she puts together. Gayle has also introduced me to different ideas and I have been in my element today putting all these outfits together.

This next photo here shows the boots too.

Chunky…. The boots that is 😂

The garage just phoned…..

Abbie is ready to collect and has stopped wobbling. 🥳

For a mere £740. 😱

Not gonna lie… I cried (Could just be the progesterone 😂)

She needed the o/s and n/ drive shaft and stub shaft.

On the plus side she is no longer wobbling, yay!!

And yes…. Kind of wish I hadn’t spent what I did today but hey…. Least I’ll look a bit smarter when I’m driving my non-wobbly van. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂 clutching at straws here!

I’ve had a lovely holiday. Very chilled and relaxed. Ready for the little gift shop tomorrow!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️