Day 955 normal service is resumed!

Well that interloper did well. I’ve had more likes and comments on his blog than any I have done 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😘

I may not hear the end of that. 😂

In all honesty, his words were amazing and it was so lovely to have a day off and listen to him stressing about “I have a blog to write” which sometimes seems to be my cracked record!!

I have had the loveliest of 50th birthdays.

I have been blown away by the kind words, posts, cards and gifts I have received. There have been floods of tears at times but then w you would expect nothing less. 😂

It all started on Wednesday night when the Crochet Hookers threw a surprise party for me in the pub! They had balloons and banners and a sloth cake!

They gave me a box of 50 gifts…. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I felt the bottom lip go early on. 😂

Here we all are. They are a very special bunch. I got a crocheted cushion, a crocheted sloth and so many other practical gifts including vitamin D and ibuprofen gel!!

They know me so well… I have already used so many of the gifts, that’s when you know it hit the mark. I don’t know I can ever thank them for such a special start to my big birthday.

I had the best day yesterday with Craig. His generosity knows no bounds, he’s so thoughtful and caring and he hasn’t actually annoyed me once in the last few days. That’s always a bonus. 😂

Mum and Dad sent some lovely messages and I definitely cried!

My brother sent a couple of pics too….

Awwwww bless….

Craig and I had a lovely lunch and I got a gingerbread latte with cream to finish. I forgot to ask for decaf 😂

He gave me a row for never looking at the camera. So I did….

Wee selfie on the way back to the car.

If you’d have told me I would have spent my 50th birthday not drinking, I would NEVER have believed you…. And yet I did…

We went to Holly’s next door for pre theatre drinks as we were heading to see the Beith Young Farmers Show. I got more lovely and generous gifts!

It was so lovely to see Holly’s daughter in the show. She was so vibrant, she was beaming and so focused on her every move. She did so well.

I was late in bed but woke up at 6.33pm having missed the Farm. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I’ve been at the little gift shop today and got another lovely gift from the girls!

The shop had no heating today as there was a gas leak in the flat upstairs so I was prewarned. I wore my scarf and gloves a lot of the day. The heating came back on about 3.30 and it felt amazing.

Abbie the camper van has been back in the garage. She’s not fixed yet but I have her back until Monday. The on going saga!

I am shattered tonight. It’s 7.30pm already and so I won’t be late in bed tonight. I have my 50th party on the pub tomorrow. I am super apprehensive. I am worried there will be more tears.

On the other hand I am looking forward to seeing some people I haven’t see for a very long time.

Making special memories.

I might just need my big girl pants on. 😂

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️