Day 965 back to the Fit Body Farm and Tartan HQ

Back to reality with a bang today. Wide awake at 4.30am.

I made the mistake of looking at my phone before I got up, and read a post where a guy was complaining about a company that had fitted his pop top roof in his van. It may have been a dreadful experience but he dragged that company through the mud. I got really anxious reading it and that set the tone for the early morning. I fumbled my way through getting ready for the Farm.

I set off in my amazing non- wobbly van and realised that I could hear road noise and that it was the drivers door that was open. I tried to shut it as I drove…. Actually managed it.

Then a few miles down the road, a GIANT rat ran across the road in front of me. It was enormous!!! Craig even saw it in the car behind me. Mahoosive! Thankfully I slammed on the brakes and didn’t hit it.

Then…. Our road to the farm was closed. We had to turn around and follow a diversion.

The new road takes us over a single track narrow bridge and at 5.55am I met another car right there. Of course I did. 😳

By the time I got the farm I was all over the place. Frazzled, nervous, off.

However, the Farm was great. Hard work but a great work out it. I felt really good during and after it.

It was a lovely morning and the start of another lovely day. Calm and sunny. Cold in the shade but nice in the sun… in November. Crazy.

Tartan went well and it was good to get back into a routine. The day flew by and it was 4pm before I knew it! There were quite a few customers in today which always makes the day go quickly.

I’ve actually had a really good day. There’s been anxiety, some excitement but generally calm and in control. It feels good.

Had the best drive home in months… no wobble just a straight drive home. Bliss.

Big chat with mum on the phone for 50 minutes. We talked the hind legs off a donkey…. 😂 such a crazy saying.

Every time I go to write the blog in the living room, I get covered in puppers looking for affection. Craig took some photos!

Awwww bless.

Waiting on a Morrisons food delivery before I make dinner. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking it.

Hope you all had a good start to the week too.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️