Day 937 wide awake at 3.45am and Happy Halloween 🎃 👻

Wide awake at 3.45am. My mind was wandering. No amount of “forcing” myself to sleep was going to help.

I should start by saying that my head is actually in a good place before I moan a bit…. I’m shattered tonight. It’s hardly surprising.

The Farm has been really difficult these last few workouts. I’m stiff and sore. I feel like a lead weight… but I’m still doing it. My knee twinged again this morning. I feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz who just needs a good oiling….. that probably came out all wrong and I can hear some sniggers up the back. 😂😂

I’ve a wee rookie error with my 2nd HRT patch…. I got Craig to fit it and boy did he enjoy ripping the first one off 😫🩹 I was sitting on the edge of the couch leaning forward so it’s fitted while I was at full stretch so it feels like it’s wrinkling when I stand straight. It feels really weird. That’s said, it’s only for another 2 days.

I’m listening to Davina McCall’s book Menopausing for the second time. I’m soaking it all up like a sponge.

900,000 UK women have left their jobs because of menopause symptoms. I’m not in the statistic. How many other women are out there that have gone through the same as I have? It’s shocking!

I’ve been a wee bit anxious, a bit nervous, a bit irritable but my head underneath all that is still good. Overall, still calm…. And it feels like a great place to be.

Stay safe everyone 🎃🎃🎃

Day 936 spring forward, fall back ⏰🕰️⏱️

We fell back last night. I LOVE having the extra hour. We just remarked on that as we sit having morning coffee… could we just have this every Saturday night please? 😆

I woke at 4.30 which would have been 5.30 and then went back to sleep until 7 which would have been 8. It’s light again in the mornings for a few weeks. Yay! Might get a decent sunrise again at the Farm. If it ever stops raining….. 😆

So I decided I had to come shopping today as I am running out of time to get something to wear to my birthday bash. I’m having a wee afternoon tea in the village pub for family and then friends from 5pm.

My intention is to hide at this party but may not entirely be possible….. so I thought I’d like a short dress with tights and boots….. oooh how wrong I may have been.

I drove up to Braehead Shopping Centre in Glasgow in TORRENTIAL rain…. To see what I could find.

I parked as close as I could to the shops and ran into M&S…. Where better to start?!?!

A jump suit?!? I was messaging photos to Craig and to Claire for a wee bit….. this was Claire’s fav and Craig said it looked like a boiler suit and all I needed was a hard hat 😂😂😂


This one was definitely my favourite shape but it just didn’t work for me….

Love this colour but the dress…. Nope.

This was super comfy but did nothing for me!

Looked great on the model who had no boobs…. Nope….

And finally I’ve chosen…… I’m way happier in my own clothes. Yay! Winner…. 😂

I loved this jumper dress from Vanilla.

Loved it but the lady in the shop told me I couldn’t wear this to my party. I bought it but she made me promise not to wear it. I thinking this might be a lovely birthday actual day outfit! The lady in the shop thought this was a better choice!

I then moseyed through the shopping centre and found New Look.

This one wasn’t bad…..

This next jumpsuit very comfy….

A horrific, definite no!!

Another definite no….


By this time Claire had had enough and actually jumped in her car to come to the rescue… and you will watch as you her young glam steps in!!!

Someone actually thought Claire worked in the shop!!! I’m not surprised to be fair as she really knows her stuff, I mean check the size of those heels….

Still really no…. Even in a bigger size!

This one reminded me of a velociraptor in Jurassic Park….. I couldn’t unsee that…..

So honestly…. Despite trying on clothes I have not even thought of wearing for the last 4 years, I really enjoyed it. I don’t embrace my body or my size but it is what it is and I have to work with what I have. Craig said no matter what you wear you can’t hide what’s underneath and while that may sound a bit harsh…. I knew what he meant!

This next one is the favourite for now…. It was so lovely to Claire too come up and help me.

And this just sums the whole day up…..

I laughed way too hard at that!

This day has gone on forever. It’s still only 6pm… it’s amazing how long and extra hour actually feels. It got dark at 4.30/5ish though….. the nights are fair drawin’ in 😆

We made pizza for dinner tonight. It was such a thin crust, it’s lovely.

We start a Transformation Contest at the Farm tomorrow for the next 6 weeks. We pay £20 and whoever loses the most weight wins the money. I won it last year so Team Avery are all set and raring to go. Bring it on!

I just have my 50th birthday smack bang in the middle of it this time….. hey ho…. What could possibly go wrong?!?

Just before I go, tonight is HRT patch changeover… it’s still sticking in place despite trying on all of these clothes which I think is pretty impressive. Let’s see what next week brings….

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 935 new hairdo and lots of crochet 🧶

I had a day off the little gift shop today and I’m not gonna lie, I really missed it…. Sad huh?!?

Instead I headed directly across the road to my neighbour and hairdresser, Elaine, for 9am.

Today was new hairdo day. Just a fresh set of balayage highlights and some babylights… who knew that was a thing?!? I have some babylights…. Bless 😂

Horrific huh?!? 😂😂

More importantly I got it cuddle this little gorgeous pup the whole way through! She fell asleep on my knee through the blow dry 🥰

I’m really pleased with the end result. So natural but it’s just a bit brighter than my natural colour. It just gives it a wee lift.

It’s now 4.30pm and the last 4 hours have disappeared in the blink of an eye.

I’m sat in the bedroom watching soppy, girly movies and crocheting.

My blanket is coming together nicely. Craig has the dogs watching football in the other room. Every now and then one of them sneaks out and bounds all over the blanket 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂 don’t know why I have a laughing emoji….. 😂😂

So the update on HRT…. My patch is still in place and hasn’t come unstuck. I’m a lot less aware of it now. The progesterone is helping me to sleep like a log.

So many lovely women are sharing their story and it means so much to me. I hope this encourages us all to talk about it. If someone has suggested this to me a few years back I would have been all over it.

I think the biggest learning for me is that finally I feel like I have an answer as to why all this happened to me. I’ve finally accepted that the past is ok but it’s the past and it’s what I do now that matters.

We’ve been on the pub this evening for a few… alcohol free gin for me! It’s been lovely to catch up and have a chat with our lovely neighbours.

Here’s the boy himself… we’re just home now, comfies on and a bit of tv until bed.

Been a lovely day off!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 934 another busy day! Farm, 2 dog walks and the little gift shop 🎁

I am actually too tired to write but you know me…. I’m sure the ramble will come from somewhere 😂

I am living life without a second thought to my HRT patch now. The only concern I had was in the shower when I felt that it might becoming a bit unstuck…. I’m no longer making every movement with kid gloves…. Does that even mean what I want to to mean?!? Hopefully you know exactly what I mean.

We had such an amazing night in the little gift shop last night. 🎅🏼🎄🎁

My friend’s daughter had arranged a wee night where she brought 10 family and friends for a VIP shopping night.

The shop looked super festive.

They were such a lovely group of ladies, we had Christmas tunes playing, we had candles lit and twinkly lights twinkling. It was just lovely.

I got home at 9.15pm and didn’t sleep great as I was still buzzing from my “12 hour shift”. In my old job I would do that on a daily basis some weeks and almost think nothing of it, my penance for having that job…. How times have changed. yesterday wasn’t a chore at all.

I was wide awake about 4.30am in time for the Farm. The joys…. 🙄

I really struggled this morning, my knee was niggling, my energy levels were low. It wasn’t my best work. It’s still a lot better than just staying in bed so at least I went.

It’s always nice to come home from the Farm a Friday as Craig drives and I sit like a lady of leisure…. When we got back I had coffee with Craig before going out with Holly next door at 8.30am, on two, yes TWO separate dog walks!! I took Calaidh out with her and Leo on the first and she was so kind to come on my next walk with Bhruic and Freya!

I honestly didn’t even notice that I had done two walks as we were so busy chatting.

I came home and did an online Asda food shop and by this time it was already 10.48am. Gayle had said to me to start at 12 today instead of 11am, as we’d been late last night and yet I never got any of the rest I had planned….🤦🏻‍♀️ time flies when you have so many dogs to walk.

Shower, hair dry and straight down to Beith to the little gift shop at 12.

It’s been another really good day and a lovely customer brought Gayle in some Scottish tablet. It was sooo good and I had 1.5 pieces which will be a whole lotta calories…. 😆

Check this mug out…… how cute?

We also got a delivery of Christmas ducks and penguins from DCUK.

I am really struggling to be nice now. Least I’m honest, I’m tired and can’t be assed cooking dinner as I have to sit and write this. The hormones aren’t kicking in yet as Craig has suggested to the dogs. He is right. For once…. Not again…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😘

The fire is on, the candles are lit and I plan to relax as I’m not fit for much else 😂😂

Have a lovely weekend!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 933 I am now “on” HRT (hormone replacement therapy for anyone who doesn’t know)

Last night 26th October 2022 at 6.30pm precisely I started HRT.

It’s funny that I’ve been thinking about and investigating this for a month now and the actual act itself is pretty underwhelming.

I took what looks like a plaster, out of a box, and stuck it on my back…. Well Craig stuck it on my back as I’m not sure how I’m meant to get round there and stick a plaster myself. I’m sure that will come.

My HRT clear, square patch is in place.

(I should say here that I am so grateful that I did it have to fight my GRP for it as so many women don’t even get to this stage).

I scan my body…… well actually I don’t exactly, I grab my crochet as I’m late and rush to the pub next door….. I grab and alcohol free gin and slimline tonic from the bar and sit with the girls with the biggest grin on my face, scanning my insides for any sign.

Nope…. There is none….. unless, can I feel the oestrogen flowing through my body?!? Nope…. but the more I think about it, the more I wonder what it might do the more oestrogen I get will I be ok will I feel funny oooh I feel a little dizzy…. Oh do I feel faint…. Keep smiling it’s totally fine, you’ve got this girl, you can do this, this is what your body needs… do I still feel faint, oh my god what if I pass out what if I can’t handle it then I’m stuck with these awful feelings forever….. keep smiling it’s ok keep breathing slowly calm down.

None of the ladies would have had a clue what was going on in my head, although I bet they read this and smile. I guess it sums me up at the moment and this is the next piece of the puzzle. This is the bit that needs to go. The overthinking, the anxiety, the nerves, the panic.

I manage to stay upright through crochet but I still feel nervous like I’m waiting for something….. I pretty much get straight into bed after 8pm when I’m home. Craig is watching the football.

I can feel this patch on my back like I have a china teapot stuck to the back of me. I lie against the pillow, should I lie on my side, my front, instead. Nope back is ok, will the electric blanket heat affect it, should I turn it off…. (There’s no punctuation in these internal monologues so I’m typing it like it comes out….. 😆)!

I relax a bit…… but now I have to negotiate the progesterone. I have to take two tablets before bed on an empty stomach and they will make me feel drowsy. The tablets are like tiny wee round balls. My first thought…. Well what could go wrong with that? You drop one and it goes bouncing across the floor only to be followed by my ball obsessed border collies…. Tennis balls 🎾 tennis balls 🎾

I fumble them out of the pack to try and ensure there’s no bouncing involved and swallow them both with water.

I lie there and go through pretty much the same dialogue as the above. Before it gets too crazy I switch out the light, pop my eye mask on and I’m off. (I digress but if you’ve never tried an eye mask then I can highly recommend one….. it’s transformed my sleep!)

6.20am I wake up……oblivious to Craig coming to bed last night and the fact he left Calaidh in with us. Not. A. Clue.

Quick scan. I still feel like me. Patch still in place. Now I have to have a shower with it on and make sure it stays there. Next “hurdle”.

As only I could, I overthink this to the nth degree and try to shower without getting my back wet. I’m in the most awkward shapes and postures…. Until I snap at myself and just get turned around and shower as normal.

It’s still there. I still feel like me. I’m still aware of this flashing beacon on my back but I try to ignore it as much as I can.

Let’s say ignoring a potentially life altering moment is not my strong point. 😬

I’m still nervous driving in the dark, on edge again this morning on the way into work.

Yet work is really good. We have a good planning meeting and everything seems a bit more clear in the un up to Christmas.

I have both jobs today though as I am in the little gift shop tonight as there is a private Christmas shopping party booked in. One of my friends daughters has booked the party so I’m chuffed I get to be there too!! Service with a big smile!

I’m also managing to squeeze in a wee half hour massage with Norma in Harmony before I head into the shop.

I’m tired just writing it all but despite it all, I feel good and still calm!

So have a lovely evening guys!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 932 a fab workout, quick day at work and I picked up the HRT and started it before heading off to meet the Crochet Hookers 🧶

I slept like a log last night. It was a great sleep!

In my excitement to tell you all about the HRT last night I didn’t mention that the living room, kitchen and sunroom were shining like a new pin when I got home last night…. All signs of dog hair completely eradicated, well for 5 minutes at least. Craig had a cancellation at work and this was the result. Winner!

I had my lovely wee exercise class in the village hall last night. It was great fun, always puts a smile on my face and my knee behaved. I came straight home (across the main road so it’s hardly likely I’d go elsewhere), into the shower and then straight to bed!! Finally turned the lights out after 9.

Up at 5am sharp for the Farm and it was a good one this morning. My aches and pains seem to have diminished for now so I was ready for action!! What a difference from last week.

It’s a very autumnal morning.

It was pitch black at 7.30am when I left and there are no lights on at all…. It’s back to needing a head torch to get back to the car, it was SO dark….

When I did set off for work down the teeny tiny single track road…. My worst fear…. I met a milk tanker. 😱

There is nowhere to go but backwards and there is a car behind me.

Adrenaline literally washes right through me as the panic escalates until I almost can’t think straight. I’m on the phone (hands free) to Craig at the time and he calmly talks ne through it. I couldn’t see behind me as the trucks headlights were burning my eyeballs…… thankfully the car behind realises he needs to reverse as do I. Like wavy davy all over the road until I finally reach a passing place. I’m cringing and super anxious…. He’s past me and it’s over as fast as it happened but I’m still shaking. I’m nervous all the way to work.

Isn’t it sunny how simple things affect us like that. My body went into full fight or flight mode.

Thankfully the day has gone much better than that though randomly, she who doth not a hot flush get…. Has a beaming hot face most of the afternoon. It’s so hot it’s on fire.

I drove home via the chemist and I actually have HRT….. 🤗😆😊

Now I just need to figure out what I’m gonna do with it!! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

For those who are interested I have Evorel 50 or oestrogen and Utrogestan 100 for progesterone. As a funny aside I love that my phone spell checker is like… yup she’s gonna type oestrogen again, progesterone this time…. So I don’t have to remember how to spell them 😆

My mood is good. I feel like I am taking control. I am going to start it tonight.

It’s a very autumnal evening too. I made dinner… not the healthiest but it’s tuna pasta bake… Craig just walked in the door as I swanned around my freshly prepared dinner, posing next to it and he said “check you and you’re not even on HRT yet…..” 😂😂 he told the dogs it was the first time I’d made dinner in 3 years…… lies I tell you…. All lies 😂

and played ball with the dogs.

In half an hour I’m off in the pub next door as it’s Hookers night.

Actually I just looked outside as I wrote this and spotted this lovely sky.

A lovely autumnal day!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 931 I had that call ☎️ ⛑️

Today is the day that I was prescribed HRT.

It was actually surprisingly easy and the doctor was super lovely.

For those of you who have been reading for a long time, you may remember the doctor that really listened when the depression got really bad and she kept in contact with me just before and just after Christmas just to make sure that I got through it, at that time.

I sent her a card when I felt much better to thank her to listening when so many other doctors hadn’t really heard my cry.

I don’t know if she would even remember that…. But she asked how I was just now.

I explained all of the symptoms I’ve been feeling over these last few months.

I told her that I know I’m not despressed and yet I still don’t feel like me. I told her that the old me never really returned after my depression. I feel like a shadow of my former self.

I told her that I was slightly concerned that it may only ever have been a lack of hormones that caused it all. So many women have said the same.

She very calmly explained that as a doctor, they get to see both sides of the coin. They see people who are suffering from clinical depression and people in need of HRT and they have to make the judgment of which medication to prescribe.

I told her that anti depressants had changed my life so I didn’t regret taking them but I didn’t feel that I needed to be prescribed more.

She told me that they were a Surgery that were very supportive of HRT. Since I am 49 (she won points for not saying “nearly 50”) then I will be peri-menopausal and the symptoms I have listed are very common.

She asked if I had hot flushes ❌

Did I have poor sleep quality ❌

So she agreed that she would like me to trial HRT for the next 3 months and we will have a follow up call to see how it’s going.

She has prescribed oestrogen patches to be changed twice a week and a progesterone tablet to be taken at night for a fortnight on and a fortnight off. This is because I’m still peri menopausal and not menopausal. Once I hit menopause the progesterone would be daily. I think. it’s exactly what I hoped for.

So it’s body identical cyclical HRT.

I am excited to start this new journey and see what unfolds. I am hopeful that the extra hormones make a difference to my Brian fog and forgetfulness. (Yip I noticed it says Brian fog and not brain fog as I read that back and it was too funny to change it! It actually sums it up completely. 😆)

I hope that I can gain my old confidence back and stop hiding.

Let the journey begin. Tomorrow. When I get the prescription 😆

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 930 a dark morning workout then work then lasagne!!!

I was asleep on the couch by 8.45pm last night. Could not stay awake! Finally dragged myself off the couch and into bed just after 10 only to lie there wide awake 👀 and listening to someone else sleep very soundly….. just saying 🤦🏻‍♀️😆

Think I woke a couple of times but nothing makes the 5am alarm any easier.

It was sooooo dark this morning. Even by the time I left the Farm at 7.30pm.

We had a great workout but my legs felt like lead on most of the runs. That could be a result of a day lounging around yesterday!

I was really nervous this morning. I was anxious about the drive to the Farm, then nervous walking into the gym, then petrified when I heard a noise in the background while I was drying my hair…. I was properly spooked!!! I imagined someone walking round the corner and being visible in the dark mirror….. No idea where that came from and it was gone by the time I got to Tartan HQ. Thankfully.

Work went really quickly today. One minute I was hot, the best I was freezing. Hoody on, hoody off….. it’s just the time of year.


So I’ve nothing much new to report. I have my docs appointment between 11am and 1pm tomorrow.

I have all my symptoms at the ready. I am armed!

Oh and Craig made lasagne again so I came home as he left and he left me with the whole thing!! (I may have left it in a bit too long….. but under that crusty exterior is a succulent white sauce and bolognaise….. amazing, again!)

I’m getting into bed early tonight won’t be electric blanket on and I’m so looking forward to it. Life in the fast lane huh?!


Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 929 the laziest Sunday!

After a very busy four weeks, I have had the laziest day and done precious little.

I stayed in bed until just before 10am. I was in that really foggy doze like state where I just couldn’t wake up enough to do anything. I only got up when I really felt I should and even then I was a little bit grumpy 😆

I was meant to meet my neighbour Fiona for coffee this morning but I was far too tired to even think about getting ready. I hate letting anyone down at short notice but I’ve learned that I have to do what feels right for me at the time. The people pleaser in me would never have put myself first but I know otherwise bow. I needed to rest.

Thankfully today I genuinely just needed rest and nothing more.

It’s ended up being the loveliest of days. We’ve had the fire burning, there’s no heating on so it’s cold when you leave the living room but it’s cosy in here.

The housework still needs doing but hey, that’ll have to wait. It’s surprising how fast a day of nothing goes. I’d love to do it all again tomorrow.

I have my gym bag ready for the morning. I have my lunch ready for tomorrow and we have a food shop being delivered in the next hour.

We’ve watched Aftershock, Everest and the Nepal Earthquake this afternoon on Netflix. There are 3 episodes and it’s a fascinating watch. It’s hard going at times. We have a friend who was caught in it and I think that makes it so much more real. I can’t believe what he went through.

Our world has been shaken by COVID and yet an earthquake like this is just another level. Whole villages there one night and gone by lunch time the next day.

Very, very sad.

So, I think I’m about 3 or 4 weeks in to a very calm head run. I’m still calm.

I’ve had mini wobbles, today there have been a few tears. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be calm for this long though. The peace is deafening.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 928 a miserable day weather wise but the gift shop followed by a very long awaited trip to the in-laws ♥️♥️

I woke up at 5.45am when the dogs barked at something. I felt really exhausted but wide awake at the same time. I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I am soooo tired. Maybe 6 days or work for the last 4 weeks is catching up with me?! Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the work and think it’s playing a huge part in my new calm front. I think this is the longest stretch without unnecessary anxiety. I don’t have time to overthink.

I’m enjoying thinking about what to wear to work and even putting makeup on. (Should say I even took all my makeup off last night before I went to bed!! I never used to do that!)

But I am tired.

I got up at 7 to walk the dogs before work. It was still pretty dark when we set out, but surprisingly mild.

I had a lovely walk. I didn’t want to do it but ended up really enjoying the peace and stillness… except for the 3 crazy pups running around in the field!

The shop was busy and the time flew by…. It really has just poured down all day. It’s hardly stopped.

So that’s me done until Monday and now we’re in the car heading up to Craig’s mums. We haven’t been here for far, far too long. I don’t know where the year has disappeared to!

It’s now 8.10pm and we’ve had the best time! We’ve eaten until we burst and talk the hind legs off a donkey. It’s been so great to catch up and have such a lovely spread. I’m obviously driving and I’m on my second bottle of Nozeco. I love the stuff and love that I don’t feel left out when I’m not drinking. My in-laws always have a feast selection of 0%.

Here’s Calaidh, Bhruic and Freya waiting outside while Cookie the Chihuahua has her dinner…. The doggy dinner queue!

Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday night.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 927 Fit Body Farm and the little gift shop followed by a Ruby Anniversay party 🎉 🥳🎁

It’s 9.04pm and I’ve run out of day….. it started at 5am again with a killer but fun session at the Farm. Team Avery finished our Hyrox Time Trial in 27 minutes which was pretty good going since we’ve both had some time off.

Back home and straight back into bed with the electric blanket on for a heat!

I’ve taken some more photos of the little gift shop today. There are loads of lovely Christmas things in now.

The day went quickly as usual but I’ve been tired today. Straight back into bed when I got home for a wee Nana nap before we headed back into the village pub for a 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary party!

So being very rude writing this at the table, just finished the loveliest buffet. Got makeup on tonight for the first time in like… forever!!

Very happy Ruby Wedding Colin and Joyce! 😘😘

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 926 Happy International Sloth Day (who knew?!) and oh yes, we lost another Prime Minister🤦🏻‍♀️😆

Thanks to Claire for messaging me today to tell me it’s International Sloth Day today… I mean who knew?!?

I’ve never seen a thing so it’s obviously not the widely “celebrated” 😆 here are some sloth facts….

Anyway, back to my sleep patterns…… 😂 I slept from 9.30pm last night right through until the alarm at 6.30. Wow.

I did have a random dream that a customer at Tartan reversed into the workshop, got out his car and walked over to us smiling, as bits of the roof started to fall down. We all rushed outside and watched as half of the roof fell in…. I mean, come on…. Where on earth does that come from?! It wasn’t a customer we knew… so random but it felt very real.

In the meantime I am SO grateful for a full nights sleep. Could it be so simple that a trip back to the Fit Body Farm has tired me out rather than the lethargy of lounging around? Maybe. I was in bed with the electric blanket on from 8.30pm after crochet last night…. Bliss!

It has poured with rain all day today, it’s been torrential and I got soaked filling a water bottle for a customer as the hose head came away from the tap…. This has happened before…. I should know better. 😂

Oh yes….. and we lost our 44 day Prime Minister today. I was in the workshop when she announced her resignation…. We must be the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

The Daily Star decided to see if she would last longer than it would take for a lettuce to go off.

The lettuce won.

Liz Truss has never contracted Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon since she’s been in office. Nicola said that she’s ok with that now and she will wait to hear from the 5th UK Prime Minister to be in power since she’s held office in Scotland. I’m glad we at least have some stability up here.

Anyway after some dull political news….. I laughed way too hard at this next one….

Also check out the amount of grapes that Craig has picked from our vine in the greenhouse. He’s going to make jam with them!

Enjoy the rest of your international Sloth day! 😂😂

Stay safe everyone 🦥🦥🦥

Day 925 I made the call ☎️ 👩🏻‍⚕️

Well I remembered. Thanks to everyone who messaged to spite me into action. I’m so saddened by some of your stories yet heartened by those who feel like new women.

I have a telephone appointment call on Tuesday between 11 and 1. Better prep for that at the weekend to make sure I’m not caught out when she calls and fluster my way through it.

It will be the middle of my working day so here’s hoping I’m not with customers during that time. Even that part is difficult to negotiate is t it. You have to wait for a cal over a 2 hour period. I am not complaining just stating how it is.

So, head held high, back straight and present her with the facts. Need to make sure I have my list with me as I’m sure my head will empty at the time when I most need it.

My doctors surgery only allow you to talk about HRT to the 2 female doctors that job share. One is on holiday this week and the other, sadly, can’t make it into work today and they are not sure when she’ll be back.

So Tuesday it is.

In other news I finally managed back to the Fit Body Farm this morning. My knee or more likely, leg is still not right. I have twinges of a cramp as I move around but it wasn’t the pain that I’ve been feeling. It was dark the whole work out today…. What a difference a few weeks makes at this time of year. The sunrise was just starting when I left at 7.30am.

The sky was a lovely pink.

By the time I got to work it was much more orangey red…. Here is my cuddly toy selection including Waverley Bear, showing off the sunrise.

And a zoom in….. just beautiful!

I had a mad rush after work. Quick trip to Asda which turned into a random pointless wander around a supermarket… I was so tired, I couldn’t think straight at all and each aisle just bought more confusion. I got to £60 odd quite easily but I’m not sure any of it goes together. I did the scan and go…. And I was selected for a random Shop scan at the checkouts.

The first thing she scanned in my trolley… I hadn’t scanned. The old me would have burst into tears. This calm, but tired, me just shrugged… and smiled and said sorry, rolled my eyes at my lack of concentration.

I rushed home and Craig had made dinner, which was very lovely of him as I had a half hour before I headed out to the village pub for the crochet hookers weekly meet up!

I’m off to crochet! 🧶

Busy day. Will sleep tonight!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 924 World Menopause Day 2022 🌍🙋🏻‍♀️

So from day trips on paddle steamers to a good old “let’s get talking about the menopause”….. you just never know what you’re going to get when you tune in, do you?!?

I’ve been wanting to write about this for weeks now and yet I’ve been reluctant to speak up about it. Even now I’m cringing but I’m going to do this.

I have so many wonderful female family members and friends that will have already gone through the menopause and never cracked a light about it. We are not taught about it in schools yet some women are walloped in the face with some pretty life changing symptoms. The women I know all just seemed to get “on with it”.

We all know that the menopause starts when your periods stop and people get hot flushes and for most of us, I’d say that’s about all we know.

That is certainly all I ever knew.

My mum, Gran and Aunties sailed through menopause just like I did on the Waverley on Sunday. 😉🤭 Neither up nor down, just taking it all in their stride….. as far as I know…. Or did they?!? No-one really talks about it….

There are many menopause warriors out there now, banging the drum for menopause to be talked about and understood. For all you men reading this, you will likely have a significant other who will experience symptoms or a mum, gran or auntie…. So don’t be thinking it doesn’t relate to you. 😉😆

For all my lovely post menopausal family and friends who made it through the other side without a blip…. Or for all of you who suffered in silence. I salute you.

I am going to shout about this loud and, well if I’m quite honest, not very proud at the moment as I’m dealing with the early stages of learning… and feeling nervous about talking about it….. but I know I will be very proud soon once I take it into my comfort zone.

I stumbled across Davina McCall’s book Menopausing the other week, I may have mentioned.

I had Audible credits that I wanted to use up before I cancelled Audible (cost cutting exercise… saves £7.99 a month!) and I hurriedly downloaded 5 audio books suggested for me… this being one of them.

I started to listen on my drives to and from work.

Oh my word. (Keeping it clean here…)

All of sudden I am listening to women who have gone through a similar journey to me in the last 4 years…..

Women with a career who literally fall apart…. Hullo…. Moi?! ✅

Women who can’t stop crying in the work place. ✅

Women who try to hide themselves away from the world. ✅

Women who become anxious at everything in life. ✅

Women who take irritability and rage to the next level for no real reason. ✅

Women who are terrified that they had become a burden and think the world will be better off without them ✅

Women who are prescribed medication for anxiety and anti-depressants for depression ✅

Women who then feel suicidal when the medication doesn’t seem to be working ✅

Women who lose their high powered jobs under a cloud with no thanks or presentations for their long service with the company ✅

These women drop out of the rat race and are left to fight for their mental health every step of the way when they are at their lowest ebb. ✅

So… the relief to hear all of this is immense as I realise that I am not alone.

Davina makes that very clear. I am not alone.

56% of women drop out of the workplace due to menopausal symptoms. Think how much experience and knowledge the world is missing out on if 56% of women are overwhelmed by their symptoms and don’t get enough support to carry on.

So in the meantime, I’ve asked Craig to get me her actual book for my birthday… bang goes the cost cutting exercise there but I need a physical copy. 😆

I asked him last week if he’d bought it yet because if he hadn’t, I was going to. I didn’t want to wait. I needed the copy to re-read sections I couldn’t remember. It arrived by Amazon that actual day…. And now I have it. 🤭

I think this could be the reason for my calm mood for the last few weeks. I finally click that there may be fundamentally nothing wrong with me…. And yes…. Because Davina told me and not because I have actually come to that conclusion myself yet.

I still have a way to go with not feeling like I failed in life. There are some lovely female senior managers in my last work that are still going strong and sail through the day to day…. Therefore I must be weak because I didn’t.

Davina says no. Stop that thinking straight away.

Ok….. I will try.

Also if there is a chance that all of this was because I am perimenopausal then I have to say I am a little bit angry that there was no support for me.

I was brushed away under the carpet with shame.

From what I have gleaned over the last few weeks, there is a very good chance the HRT will resolve the majority of the issues I have faced. Replacing natural hormones in my body with body identical hormones. The balance app explains it way better than I ever could….

Who knew. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Women have never lived this long so it’s only fair that we have some help in doing it if we are struggling. We should not be ashamed (still dealing with that one…) and we should not have to “just get on with it”.

Replacing hormones has given so many women their life back.

We don’t have to hide and be invisible any more. Half the world’s population go through menopause. It is not something to be ashamed of or whispered.

I knew I was going to write about this today…. Then I had a customer in this morning who started talking about menopause and basically told me everything that I have now written about. Another amazing manifestation.

So I phoned the doctor. I ate that frog.

My surgery is now running same day appointments and there’s no space left today so I have to call at 8am and make sure I get one of the female doctors who will be able to discuss HRT.

Oh my god I actually did it so tomorrow will be easier….. I have listed my symptoms.

I am ready and armed with the information I need. I am doing this. (Unless of course I forget to call tomorrow because I am busy 😉😆🤦🏻‍♀️)

Strangely I now feel more exhausted than I have in a few weeks, I’m irritable and tired tonight. I’m going back to the Farm tomorrow and going to work around my knee if that makes sense. I’m missing tonight’s exercise class in the hall to rest. A very early night tonight I reckon for the 5am alarm tomorrow morning.

So yeah… I’m gonna post this now. Here goes.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 923 yesterday’s trip on the PS Waverley 🚢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Yesterday was the final sailing of the season for the Paddle Steamer Waverley… the last sea fairing paddle steamer in the world.

A few of us got talking one afternoon, in our local village pub, about trying to book a trip on 16th October and in the end there were 15 neighbours that set off in a minibus at 11am yesterday.

We were sailing from Largs on the west coast of Scotland, out to Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, then to Tighnabruaich on the mainland, down past Ettrick and Scalpsie Bays on Bute and around Inchmarnock island and back the way we came, stopping at each port on the way.

The trip lasted almost 6 hours.

We got a beautiful day for it. It’s Scotland, mid October so it could go one of two ways but we were very lucky. I had five layers on and spent the first 3 hours in only 4 layers!

With a hat…. Of course!

Since we had arrived so early in Largs, we had time for a walk around in the sunshine and time to capture the first sighting of the PS Waverley as she “hoved into view” (shameless Blackadder quote)

The Millport Pipe Band are playing her into port. Honestly the bagpipes would bring a tear to a glass eye!

(I should say here in true Rambling Sloth fashion…. I am feeling quite uncomfortable, not sure where to put myself in such a large group without Craigie boy… a trip like this doesn’t float his boat 🤭😂 but the feeling doesn’t last long and I soon relax).

We embark to The Skye Boat Song. My emotions runneth over…. 😆

Her maiden voyage was 16th June, 1947 and my maiden voyage was 16th October 2022. This was her last sailing of the season and it made it a very special trip.

Leaving Largs at 1.45pm

We set sail for Rothesay on Bute.

I’m obsessed with the colours of the flags against the blue sky and of course… the Scotland flag.

When we arrive in Rothesay there’s a guy in a kilt on the dock with long hair and no top on, posing as the Waverley steamed in behind him!! We spotted him further up the coast in Rhubodach on Bute again about half an hour later. (Yes, I know, the guys were all saying it would be a different story if they were all ogling some topless woman…)

Anyway, I digress, we drop off and pick up passengers in Rothesay and head up the coast towards the Narrows on the East Kyle of Bute.

This was the view looking back towards Rothesay.

It’s just such a beautiful ship. We go for a wander around and leave our precious spot up the front!

I have no idea what’s going on below deck but there’s a whole new world awaiting you down there!

The engine room is fascinating.

You can look through portholes to see the paddles flying around. This is not the best photo!

The rooms are all so old and ornate looking. I could imagine people in Victorian times, sitting around drinking tea…. Yet it was build long after that!

Even the bathroom is pretty special!

Not to mention the steps…

Here we are at Tighnabruaich and the sky is changing… the clouds are coming over. There is a lone piper playing here. It’s beautiful.

We set sail down the west coast of Bute and the east coast of Inchmarnock island heading out towards the Isle of Arran.

Goat Fell looks mystical in the cloudy sunshine.

This is the southernmost point of our trip when we turn back up and sail around the west coast of Inchmarnock.

We got a few selfie shots through the day!

The Narrows are amazing. The ship has to sail between these bouys…. It doesn’t look like it will fit!

To the right we have Bute and to the left the mainland.

As we sail down the East Kyle we spot these white houses on the mainland near Colintraive. Apparently these were built for 6 daughters and their husbands but the father didn’t approve of one of the marriages so one of the houses is built behind the others and not in the obvious space. Fascinating!!

We are sheltered by land here and the wind has died right down. It’s so calm.

We head back into Rothesay on our return journey. As Waverley leaves each port there’s a tannoy announcement thanking the people of the ports for supporting the Waverley and it’s passengers. Three short blasts to say goodbye. That tugged at the heart strings!

We make our final journey back out from Rothesay to Largs. It’s cold now and the wind has picked up but really the first time I’ve felt the cold all day.

And finally heading back into Largs. Again the ship thanks Largs for its support. It feels a real privilege to have been part of this trip.

The Waverley is. It done yet and still has to sail to the Clyde stopping at Greenock and back to the Glasgow Science Centre.

I’ve rushed off the board and hared up to the Cumbrae ferry jetty to catch these next few shots. It’s lovely and calm and her lights reflect on the sea.

She gives 3 short blast to say goodbye to Largs.

And is on her way again.

I had THE best day. A lovely group of people and a very special cruise to be a part of.

I could have done it all again today….. and there are hundreds of photos I have not used. 😆

Back to talking about my sleep patterns and how happy or sad I am tomorrow….. 🤭😆

Stay safe everyone 🚢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️

Day 922 day out on the PS Waverley, the world’s last sea going paddle steamer 🚢 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

So we have a wee “village” day trip to Largs to pick up the PS Waverley and cruise over to Rothesay on Bute, then to Tighnabruaich then down to Scaplsie Bay and Inchmarnock on the west coast of the Isle of Bute and back the way we can I believe. It’s been a rough week weather wise but we seem to be lucky enough to have a wee window of calm and sunshine this afternoon…. Fingers crossed.

This is the last sailing of the 2022 season. It’s the first full season she has sailed since 2018.

We have a minibus picking us up at 11am at the Gateside inn to take us to Largs where we board the PS Waverley at 12.45.

I hardly slept at all last night which is more likely down to a large Indian meal last night….. oops… but I’m raring to go. Here’s some info on the ship from the Waverley Excursions website.

Oh wow. I have had THE best day!! I have a gazillion photos to sort through. I’ve been out on deck all day. It’s 6.30pm and we’ve just left Largs in our minibus home.

I will post some photos just now and then write it up properly tomorrow when I have more time.

Wow, wow, wow and wow. I thoroughly recommend the Waverley in 2023.

The best day out with a great group of people.

Stay safe everyone 🚢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️

Day 921 gift shopping then caught in a HAIL shower with the dogs and an evening at Claire’s 💜

Another lovely morning in the little gift shop from 9.30-1pm.

We have new jewellery in which I priced up before putting it out on display… the lovely chunky silver bracelets at the bottom of the stand.

The diet is still going well😳 … check the colour of this french fancy!! We were buzzing after all those e-numbers…. 😂

A customer came in looking for a lovely vase and wanted some flowers in it. Gayle used to be a florist…. Look what she did!!!

Isn’t that beautiful!!! She then wrapped tissue and ribbon around it. We were blown away by how easy she made it look. Once again I pity the poor person that asks me to do that…… 😂😂 but I mean that in the most positive way as I know that I can learn to do it. She has years of experience!

As soon as 1pm came, the heavens had opened again….. it was pouring and I got soaked running back to the van. I only live 5 minutes’ drive from the shop and once I was home it was quite nice looking out….. I should have known otherwise though. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Here I am sitting on the step into the bedroom, getting the dogs ready to go out…. There is dog hair EVERYWHERE!! We don’t remember it ever being this bad….

Look at my leggings……. I mean, COME ON!!!!

We hadn’t been out for much more than 5 minutes when the hail shower hit…. They were big hail stones and they were sore! I started laugh screaming and the dogs didn’t like it one little bit, they all cooried into me and I hunched over the three of them to protect them but the hail stones were really sore!! I tried to turn around to go back home but I couldn’t walk into them, just had to turn my back until it stopped. We cuddled into a hedgerow! All the dogs tails were curled right under them…. Poor souls. I was drenched and freezing but carried on our walk as we couldn’t really get any wetter.

Claire spotted me walking home!

I had left the back door open by mistake, so not only had to dry the dogs off but the door, the walls and the floor….. 😳

I had to peel my soaking wet clothes off my freezing cold skin and the shower was stinging so I had to turn that down to almost cold to acclimatise.

We then had a “pup-in-goonie” photo shoot!!!

Bhruic did not get the “stand tall and straight and perfectly” memo…… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂 she just doesn’t sit like a lady….. 😆

For the last hour I’ve been sat on the couch in a Christmas onesie…. Defrosting.

I’m heading next door to Claire’s for a takeaway tonight as she has an empty…. Craig gets an empty by default. 😆 Looking forward to a great catch up. Craig commented that he hoped I wasn’t going in this onesie….. I’d love to but I’d have to crawl through our loft space into her house as I couldn’t go outside in this 😆🤣🤣🤣

Here we are and I am in real clothes!!! I crept out the house without speaking to a dog. A wee Nosecco toast!! Here’s to a lovely evening!

Then tomorrow I’m off on a day trip with a dozen or so other neighbours. We’re going on a cruise on the Paddle Steamer Waverley.

I am super excited as I’ve wanted to go on the Waverley for a very long time!

We meet her in Largs at 12.45 and have a minibus picking us up at 11am. Good times!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weeekend! S

Ray safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 920 a little gift shop kinda Friday! 🎁💐🎁

I’ve had a lovely wee day!

I didn’t go to the Farm again this morning but I did do lots of foam rolling of the old quad muscle. It’s still not right but I’m hoping that it’ll get better soon.

I swept up the random dog hair tumbleweeds lying around, those that magically appeared overnight, put on a washing, had a shower, washed my hair, dried my hair and wait for it… put on a weeeeee bitta makeup. Check. Me.

I was leaving for work, feeling bloated and fat after a week of no exercise and Craig commented that I looked lovely… awwwww ♥️

The little gift shop was lovely again today.

I may have bought myself a lovely pair of fingerless gloves that I do desperately need…. I have been waiting for them to come in… honestly!!

I went for the teal….. of course I did, it matches Abbie the Camper van. They are soooo lovely. I wanted the dark grey and mustard too!! It took me all day to decide 😂

There are some LOVELY things….

So we got loads of the new gifts priced up and had great chats.

I was home by 4.10pm and had Craig’s homemade lasagne for dinner again. Uh-mAzin’.

I’ve done some crochet and now we’re in the village pub and I’m on the 0% Tanquery Gin with slimline tonic.

The makeup has worn off…. 😂

A lovely end to a lovely day!

Still calm. All is good.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 919 I’m still calm… this must be a record?!

The funny thing is, every time I focus on how good my head is, something usually wallops me in the face. Right now, all is good.

I’m working hard, busier than I’ve been in 4 years, coming home from work and doing housework before I sit down…. Yet I still manage time to sit down.

The house is COVERED in dog hair. I can’t change that. I can try to stay on top of it but it rolls around like tumble weed wherever I walk. Even after after cleaning it up! It’s just incessant just now.

So here’s a photo of Puppy P as I call him now. Peanut was enjoying his lunch at work today. Check that face!

I’m tired tonight, my knee is still sore but I haven’t stretched enough so I will do some stretches tonight. I’m stiff as a board. 😆

I’m watching Chesapeake Shores on a Netflix in the evenings when Craig’s working. It’s cheesy as, it’s sweet and lovely and it’s really helping my mood I think.

I played some ball with the dogs.

How funny that Chesapeake Shores just made me cry…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Freya doesn’t it look photogenic at all!!!

Oh my boss was at a conference this week where the guest speaker was a Sarah Furness so has a book out called Fly Higher… Train your mind to feel as strong as you look.

He got me a signed copy…. How lovely is that?!? I may have shed a teeny tear but I will read it and report back!!

Quiet night tonight while poor Craigie is still working and I’m resting before a busy weekend.

And will stretch. If I say it twice I have to it. Without getting licked to death by the dogs… the minute I get down on the floor… that, I can’t guarantee. 😆

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 918 ooooh I’m lost for a heading…. 😆

There is precious little for me to say today. Yeah right you say, I’m sure she’ll find something….

I’m all talked out!

I went to work. It was busy. The end. 😳😆

I slept like a log last night. Woke with the alarm. Love it. I’m really sore from the workout class last night though. I found it really hard. My knee was sore again and my whole body felt stiff. I have to do some serious stretching at some point and also more rest for the knee.

Work was a constant stream of customers today which I love. All go!

So I came home, good lengthy talk with mum on the way back, have cleaned the main bathroom, picked up huge handfuls of dog hair, poop scooped the back garden and I’m now sitting on our bench writing this.

It was ATROCIOUS weather this morning. Torrential rain and windy. Yet here I am outside and it’s a lovely calm although cold evening. The ivy is looking stunning.

The colour has changed a lot over the last few weeks.

Wish I could take the photos from the same place twice 😆 what a difference a few weeks makes.

So that’s me, heading off into the pub to meet the Crochet Hookers and do some more work on my blanket…. And put the world to rights on. Wednesday! Looking forward to the chat.

This makes me smile though…. It is noteworthy….

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️