Day 926 Happy International Sloth Day (who knew?!) and oh yes, we lost another Prime Minister🤦🏻‍♀️😆

Thanks to Claire for messaging me today to tell me it’s International Sloth Day today… I mean who knew?!?

I’ve never seen a thing so it’s obviously not the widely “celebrated” 😆 here are some sloth facts….

Anyway, back to my sleep patterns…… 😂 I slept from 9.30pm last night right through until the alarm at 6.30. Wow.

I did have a random dream that a customer at Tartan reversed into the workshop, got out his car and walked over to us smiling, as bits of the roof started to fall down. We all rushed outside and watched as half of the roof fell in…. I mean, come on…. Where on earth does that come from?! It wasn’t a customer we knew… so random but it felt very real.

In the meantime I am SO grateful for a full nights sleep. Could it be so simple that a trip back to the Fit Body Farm has tired me out rather than the lethargy of lounging around? Maybe. I was in bed with the electric blanket on from 8.30pm after crochet last night…. Bliss!

It has poured with rain all day today, it’s been torrential and I got soaked filling a water bottle for a customer as the hose head came away from the tap…. This has happened before…. I should know better. 😂

Oh yes….. and we lost our 44 day Prime Minister today. I was in the workshop when she announced her resignation…. We must be the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

The Daily Star decided to see if she would last longer than it would take for a lettuce to go off.

The lettuce won.

Liz Truss has never contracted Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon since she’s been in office. Nicola said that she’s ok with that now and she will wait to hear from the 5th UK Prime Minister to be in power since she’s held office in Scotland. I’m glad we at least have some stability up here.

Anyway after some dull political news….. I laughed way too hard at this next one….

Also check out the amount of grapes that Craig has picked from our vine in the greenhouse. He’s going to make jam with them!

Enjoy the rest of your international Sloth day! 😂😂

Stay safe everyone 🦥🦥🦥