Day 917 Tuesday flies by!

There are not enough hours in the day today…. I am shattered and slept like a log last night but most importantly I am still as cool as a cucumber. 😆 Long may it continue.

It was a STUNNING sunrise this morning.

That red vertical stripe was just out of this world. I drove to work trying to stop every few minutes for a photo.

I was bursting with gratitude this morning. For the things we take for granted. A warm bed and a great nights’ sleep. And then that sunrise. Wow.

My knee is feeling better after some rest so I’m going to try the exercise class in the village hall tonight. I can keep it low impact if I need to as we never localise on any one body part for long… that sounds wrong but you know what I mean. 😆

So yeah I’m in a rush. Ended up having coffee with a customer just as I was leaving so was a bit late getting away.

It’s Hollys birthday next door so I popped up with her present. My gift giving anxiety is still very much a thing. I’m pleased with what I got for her this time but actually convinced myself she will hate it… which is ridiculous. The stories my head tells me…

So I’ll leave this here now. I have dinner on for Craig and a washing that needs hung up and exercises to be doing!

I’ve not even had time to proof read so forgive any autocorrect doozies 😆

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️