Day 919 I’m still calm… this must be a record?!

The funny thing is, every time I focus on how good my head is, something usually wallops me in the face. Right now, all is good.

I’m working hard, busier than I’ve been in 4 years, coming home from work and doing housework before I sit down…. Yet I still manage time to sit down.

The house is COVERED in dog hair. I can’t change that. I can try to stay on top of it but it rolls around like tumble weed wherever I walk. Even after after cleaning it up! It’s just incessant just now.

So here’s a photo of Puppy P as I call him now. Peanut was enjoying his lunch at work today. Check that face!

I’m tired tonight, my knee is still sore but I haven’t stretched enough so I will do some stretches tonight. I’m stiff as a board. 😆

I’m watching Chesapeake Shores on a Netflix in the evenings when Craig’s working. It’s cheesy as, it’s sweet and lovely and it’s really helping my mood I think.

I played some ball with the dogs.

How funny that Chesapeake Shores just made me cry…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Freya doesn’t it look photogenic at all!!!

Oh my boss was at a conference this week where the guest speaker was a Sarah Furness so has a book out called Fly Higher… Train your mind to feel as strong as you look.

He got me a signed copy…. How lovely is that?!? I may have shed a teeny tear but I will read it and report back!!

Quiet night tonight while poor Craigie is still working and I’m resting before a busy weekend.

And will stretch. If I say it twice I have to it. Without getting licked to death by the dogs… the minute I get down on the floor… that, I can’t guarantee. 😆

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️