Day 934 another busy day! Farm, 2 dog walks and the little gift shop 🎁

I am actually too tired to write but you know me…. I’m sure the ramble will come from somewhere 😂

I am living life without a second thought to my HRT patch now. The only concern I had was in the shower when I felt that it might becoming a bit unstuck…. I’m no longer making every movement with kid gloves…. Does that even mean what I want to to mean?!? Hopefully you know exactly what I mean.

We had such an amazing night in the little gift shop last night. 🎅🏼🎄🎁

My friend’s daughter had arranged a wee night where she brought 10 family and friends for a VIP shopping night.

The shop looked super festive.

They were such a lovely group of ladies, we had Christmas tunes playing, we had candles lit and twinkly lights twinkling. It was just lovely.

I got home at 9.15pm and didn’t sleep great as I was still buzzing from my “12 hour shift”. In my old job I would do that on a daily basis some weeks and almost think nothing of it, my penance for having that job…. How times have changed. yesterday wasn’t a chore at all.

I was wide awake about 4.30am in time for the Farm. The joys…. 🙄

I really struggled this morning, my knee was niggling, my energy levels were low. It wasn’t my best work. It’s still a lot better than just staying in bed so at least I went.

It’s always nice to come home from the Farm a Friday as Craig drives and I sit like a lady of leisure…. When we got back I had coffee with Craig before going out with Holly next door at 8.30am, on two, yes TWO separate dog walks!! I took Calaidh out with her and Leo on the first and she was so kind to come on my next walk with Bhruic and Freya!

I honestly didn’t even notice that I had done two walks as we were so busy chatting.

I came home and did an online Asda food shop and by this time it was already 10.48am. Gayle had said to me to start at 12 today instead of 11am, as we’d been late last night and yet I never got any of the rest I had planned….🤦🏻‍♀️ time flies when you have so many dogs to walk.

Shower, hair dry and straight down to Beith to the little gift shop at 12.

It’s been another really good day and a lovely customer brought Gayle in some Scottish tablet. It was sooo good and I had 1.5 pieces which will be a whole lotta calories…. 😆

Check this mug out…… how cute?

We also got a delivery of Christmas ducks and penguins from DCUK.

I am really struggling to be nice now. Least I’m honest, I’m tired and can’t be assed cooking dinner as I have to sit and write this. The hormones aren’t kicking in yet as Craig has suggested to the dogs. He is right. For once…. Not again…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😘

The fire is on, the candles are lit and I plan to relax as I’m not fit for much else 😂😂

Have a lovely weekend!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️