Day 929 the laziest Sunday!

After a very busy four weeks, I have had the laziest day and done precious little.

I stayed in bed until just before 10am. I was in that really foggy doze like state where I just couldn’t wake up enough to do anything. I only got up when I really felt I should and even then I was a little bit grumpy 😆

I was meant to meet my neighbour Fiona for coffee this morning but I was far too tired to even think about getting ready. I hate letting anyone down at short notice but I’ve learned that I have to do what feels right for me at the time. The people pleaser in me would never have put myself first but I know otherwise bow. I needed to rest.

Thankfully today I genuinely just needed rest and nothing more.

It’s ended up being the loveliest of days. We’ve had the fire burning, there’s no heating on so it’s cold when you leave the living room but it’s cosy in here.

The housework still needs doing but hey, that’ll have to wait. It’s surprising how fast a day of nothing goes. I’d love to do it all again tomorrow.

I have my gym bag ready for the morning. I have my lunch ready for tomorrow and we have a food shop being delivered in the next hour.

We’ve watched Aftershock, Everest and the Nepal Earthquake this afternoon on Netflix. There are 3 episodes and it’s a fascinating watch. It’s hard going at times. We have a friend who was caught in it and I think that makes it so much more real. I can’t believe what he went through.

Our world has been shaken by COVID and yet an earthquake like this is just another level. Whole villages there one night and gone by lunch time the next day.

Very, very sad.

So, I think I’m about 3 or 4 weeks in to a very calm head run. I’m still calm.

I’ve had mini wobbles, today there have been a few tears. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be calm for this long though. The peace is deafening.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️