Day 920 a little gift shop kinda Friday! 🎁💐🎁

I’ve had a lovely wee day!

I didn’t go to the Farm again this morning but I did do lots of foam rolling of the old quad muscle. It’s still not right but I’m hoping that it’ll get better soon.

I swept up the random dog hair tumbleweeds lying around, those that magically appeared overnight, put on a washing, had a shower, washed my hair, dried my hair and wait for it… put on a weeeeee bitta makeup. Check. Me.

I was leaving for work, feeling bloated and fat after a week of no exercise and Craig commented that I looked lovely… awwwww ♥️

The little gift shop was lovely again today.

I may have bought myself a lovely pair of fingerless gloves that I do desperately need…. I have been waiting for them to come in… honestly!!

I went for the teal….. of course I did, it matches Abbie the Camper van. They are soooo lovely. I wanted the dark grey and mustard too!! It took me all day to decide 😂

There are some LOVELY things….

So we got loads of the new gifts priced up and had great chats.

I was home by 4.10pm and had Craig’s homemade lasagne for dinner again. Uh-mAzin’.

I’ve done some crochet and now we’re in the village pub and I’m on the 0% Tanquery Gin with slimline tonic.

The makeup has worn off…. 😂

A lovely end to a lovely day!

Still calm. All is good.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️