Day 927 Fit Body Farm and the little gift shop followed by a Ruby Anniversay party 🎉 🥳🎁

It’s 9.04pm and I’ve run out of day….. it started at 5am again with a killer but fun session at the Farm. Team Avery finished our Hyrox Time Trial in 27 minutes which was pretty good going since we’ve both had some time off.

Back home and straight back into bed with the electric blanket on for a heat!

I’ve taken some more photos of the little gift shop today. There are loads of lovely Christmas things in now.

The day went quickly as usual but I’ve been tired today. Straight back into bed when I got home for a wee Nana nap before we headed back into the village pub for a 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary party!

So being very rude writing this at the table, just finished the loveliest buffet. Got makeup on tonight for the first time in like… forever!!

Very happy Ruby Wedding Colin and Joyce! 😘😘

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️