Day 930 a dark morning workout then work then lasagne!!!

I was asleep on the couch by 8.45pm last night. Could not stay awake! Finally dragged myself off the couch and into bed just after 10 only to lie there wide awake 👀 and listening to someone else sleep very soundly….. just saying 🤦🏻‍♀️😆

Think I woke a couple of times but nothing makes the 5am alarm any easier.

It was sooooo dark this morning. Even by the time I left the Farm at 7.30pm.

We had a great workout but my legs felt like lead on most of the runs. That could be a result of a day lounging around yesterday!

I was really nervous this morning. I was anxious about the drive to the Farm, then nervous walking into the gym, then petrified when I heard a noise in the background while I was drying my hair…. I was properly spooked!!! I imagined someone walking round the corner and being visible in the dark mirror….. No idea where that came from and it was gone by the time I got to Tartan HQ. Thankfully.

Work went really quickly today. One minute I was hot, the best I was freezing. Hoody on, hoody off….. it’s just the time of year.


So I’ve nothing much new to report. I have my docs appointment between 11am and 1pm tomorrow.

I have all my symptoms at the ready. I am armed!

Oh and Craig made lasagne again so I came home as he left and he left me with the whole thing!! (I may have left it in a bit too long….. but under that crusty exterior is a succulent white sauce and bolognaise….. amazing, again!)

I’m getting into bed early tonight won’t be electric blanket on and I’m so looking forward to it. Life in the fast lane huh?!


Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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