Day 964 a beautiful day and lovely end to a weeks’ + holiday and lovely spa break!

It’s a beautiful morning! I can’t wait to get out and take some photos of Houstoun House Hotel near Livingston in Scotland.

I’m here because lovely Claire, next door, has treated me to an overnight spa break for my 50th birthday. What a lovely idea and very generous gift!!

Unbeknown to Claire, Craig and I actually got married here in 2010!! She had no idea as we only met since she moved in next door and it’s obviously never come up in conversation. She wanted to go somewhere that was a decent drive away so it felt like a mini holiday… and that it was!

All I knew was we were away overnight and I needed to take a swimming costume. The various places I thought it might have been were in a completely different direction from the way she was driving.

I stared to smile to myself as we headed along the M8 and realised how far we had to go on the sat nav. It’s such a lovely hotel!

We’ve had the best time and it’s been so lovely for me to reminisce, as I’ve not been back here since Mum and Dad’s 40th Ruby Anniversary in 2012. We are also very lucky to see it on such a lovely November day.

Here is a wedding photo of Craig and I standing on the steps at the end of that last photo.

And more importantly…. With family, Gran in purple and Nana in red who are no longer with us. Very special memories. 💜♥️

(And yes that really is Craig!!)

Also, how is this hydrangea just starting to flower?!? In November?!

Also took this mushroom 🍄 standing tall on the grass.

I was working in the little gift shop yesterday, until 1pm, and had quite a busy morning. I was all packed to go as we were leaving by 1.30pm.

Car selfie

We arrived around 2.45 and unpacked and headed to the Spa.

We swam in the pool and sat in the sauna for a while before our treatments at 4pm. We had a back, neck and shoulder massage followed by an Elemis facial.

It was soooo good and how lucky am I have to have two lovely massage and facial packages in one week?!? I am literally so chilled I’m horizontal!

It was dark by the time we came out and made this dash back into the hotel in our goonies and spa sliders.

We headed straight to the room and got into fleecy jammies that Claire had bought specially for the occasion. I had some Rosé Nozeco as we got ready.

Dinner was booked for 7.30pm in the restaurant.

The meal was lovely and we had a few giggles.

Back to the room after dinner for more Nozeco and bed. I’ve been popping Lemsip all the time and managed another great nights sleep only waking for the loo at 5.22am! Managed to get to the toilet and back creaking every floorboard but not waking Claire… #ninja 😂

The bed was so white and dog hair free. 😆 I had the best sleep and we had a good long lie. Breakfast was at 9.30am and yes, I forgot to order decaf coffee 🤦🏻‍♀️😆

A really chilled out and relaxing break which is exactly what I needed. I can’t thank Claire enough for such a lovely time. 💜💜

We got back home just before 1pm and I did 2 dog walks back to back. It’s still lovely and sunny.

So as I said, the perfect end to the best week.

I’m not sure I can ever repay the kindness and generosity of my family and friends over the course of my 50th birthday celebrations. I’ve been so spoiled and I’m so very grateful to everyone for making it such a special time for me.

Oh and I don’t think I shared a pic of the Crocs I got from Craig which make me smile every time I wear them 😂♥️😂

Classy burd 😂😂

So back to the Farm and Tartan land tomorrow to see what I’ve missed. A good few nights into the progesterone and still feeling ok. Long may that continue.

It’s 4.15pm and actually pretty dark outside. The nights are fair drawin’ in 😂

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

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