Day 960 dog walks in the rain and a birthday massage (stop it….) 💆🏻‍♀️

I had another long lie this morning but missed the Farm. I say long lie but I’m still awake after 7am.

I’m writing this sitting on the couch with the fire burning, watching a cheesy romcom 😂 IN THE MORNING!!!

I mean who does that?!?!

Me, it would seem.

This is the second week of holiday this year that I’ve been stuck in the house without wheels…. Abbie the Campervan is STILL in the garage. They didn’t even call me yesterday.

The last week I had off was in August and I was raging the whole week. I felt like a caged lion…. I wanted to be anywhere but home.

This week I am completely embracing the days at home. I am so grateful for everything that I have.

I went for 2 dog walks in the pouring rain and wind this morning. I enjoyed it. I wasn’t raging that I “had to” do it. it just needed doing.

I forgot the phone on the first walk…. But check Bhru’s wee face… I’m a drowned rat by the second walk.

Had to take my glasses off so I could actually see. A huge downside wearing glasses when it rains.

I came home and had a shower and am sitting watching the cheesiest movie ever. I’m inspired by my friend Tracey in Canada watching Christmas movies yesterday while she’s sick with covid. Get well soon T.

For a long time now I have never been festive. A long time. I think it started when we didn’t have kids and Christmas seemed so magical for folk with kids. I guess I was jealous. I was always a bit resentful that Christmas didn’t hold that same magic for adults. Read this….

It’s only me that has chosen to ignore the magic and pretend it’s not for me anymore.

Working in the little gift shop has helped me get into the spirit of things this year. I also had insider information that the Christmas trees were arriving at the Gateside Plant Centre this morning so I kept “Christmas Claire” up to speed like a nosey neighbour.

I’m planning to be way more festive this year and will start wearing Christmas jumpers in December I reckon. I also have an M&S Advent Calendar with lots of lovely goodies in it. Can’t wait to see what I get. Another birthday gift that will keep on giving. Day 1 is a bigger box than most. Exciting!

I have a long massage booked for 2pm today at Harmony in Beith.

I cannot wait!!

How lovely is this wee room…

I’ve had the best massage. Sooooo good. Can highly recommend.

I was a very lucky girl (see what I did there?!? I still think I’m 18…) and I got lots of Harmony vouchers for my birthday. I usually only have the wee half hour back, neck and shoulders massage but today was the full bhuna! Back, neck and shoulders, legs and facial. Bliss.

I am so chilled out and relaxed I could just sleep. I’m back in front of the fire and have to say awake for the Crochet Hookers at 6.30pm. 😆😂

Oh that reminds me… yesterday we had a power outage planned. Electricity was to go off between 9-10 and 3-5.

It switched off just after 9am but only for about 10 minutes at most.

We were ready for it at 3pm yesterday, having had a very late lunch/early dinner about 2.30pm and I had my book in the sunroom with my wee book torch….. I continued to read and finished my book about 5.30pm and the power hadn’t gone off. It did however, at about 6.15pm…. Just when I had run out of book!!

We were all set up with candles.

The village hall was booked for 6.45pm, for the exercise class, which couldn’t go ahead. Claire took this photo of us outside our houses about 6.30pm, with our phone torches, as we discussed what to do. It a fab photo. I’m in the middle.

It totally sums up the power cut with the candles in our living room.

Scottish Power Network called today to apologise. I told them it was absolutely fine by us, although the Hall wasn’t happy 😆 think the guy got pelters from lots of other people he spoke to so it was nice for me to say it was no bother. Check this laissez faire attitude from me these days…. Bet I just missed out on an apology payment… 🤷🏻‍♀️

Speaking of money… Abbie the Campervan is still not ready but they have actually found the cause now. It’s where the drive shafts link into the gearbox which makes sense…. But wait for it… caused by her lift and big wheels which everyone advised me to buy but have been the cause of every breakdown since they were fitted….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Grits teeth, smiles politely and keeps hold of birthday money to pay for the work. Honestly I am not moaning about this. I just want her back and want her to drive without the wobble. I will also save up for the old springs to be replaced and have her brought back down to size so we can stop blaming that once and for all!

So that’s all from me today. Chilled and relaxed.

Just about to post when my lovely friend Carol-Ann came to the door with a beautiful gift!

It’s a lovely journal so I can write things down that don’t always make the cut for the blog. How lovely to have an unexpected catch up and good few hugs.

Right…. Feed dogs then crochet!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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