Day 940 I have yawned myself through the day but I’m 1,400 days without alcohol!

Why on earth am I sooooo tired. I have literally yawned my head off ALL day.

I don’t just mean one or two yawns…. Once they started they just never seemed to stop. I’m yawning as I write that 😂😂

I slept really well and only woke at 6.10…. I did have some strange dreams though and woke with a headache.

It’s been a beautiful day…. Cold but some blue sky and lovely sunshine. After the torrential downpour of yesterday, it’s been welcome.

So I’ve not been as exuberant as yesterday but I’ve not been a woeful as Tuesday either. Just a kind of tired, middle of the road.

As I left work tonight I realised the sun was huge and low in the sky. I literally took a left turn and flew to the coast. I only just made it before the sunset…… it was beautiful.

As I ran up the sand dune, the sun appeared.

The tide was in and the sound of two tankers reverberated across the water.

I stood on the dunes and breathed in the lovely sea air.

I have so many other photos and tonight WordPress is not loading them for some reason. Frustrating!

So anyway…. In other news I am 1,400 days off the booze today. Check… me….

Wine was my coping mechanism….. I have faced the last 4 years of my life, the most difficult 4 years of my life, without that crutch. I’ve not been able to numb the pain, I’ve had to suffer through every minute detail. I say that as if it was taken away from me. I chose to go without. I didn’t like the person I had become.

And here I am…. She who lived and breathed by where the next glass of wine was coming from… 1,400 days! I can’t believe it, I’m blasé saying it as I feel like I’m talking about someone else. I never, ever thought that this would be possible.

So I’ve spent the evening in Claire’s tonight, in front of the fire having a good natter with. a Turkish Apple Tea. It’s good to talk.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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