Day 332 Scotland’s weather… what a difference a day makes 🌧🌧

Yesterday was wall to wall sunshine and today…. this…

I’m so grateful for the sun yesterday and taking time to sweep up in the garden. Didn’t get the tents up for sale but there will be another day….

It’s raining!!!!!!

I had so many photos to share yesterday that I forgot to say when I was down at the beach with Bhruic, Claire next door came and asked Craig if Freya could come out to play and she took her for a walk! I had mentioned in a text that I hadn’t walked Freya yet thinking nothing of it. How lovely is that?!?

Freya having lots of fun with Auntie Claire

I think Freya is secretly the favourite as she has a purple harness and Auntie Claire has purple hair when she can get to a hairdresser.. 💜

The moon was stunning last night

So I reckon I will share some more of yesterday’s pics too… a reminder of what a difference a day makes!

Clever girls all lay down at once!
Leo came to visit in the garden
Like butter wouldn’t melt
He had the squeaky out of a toy!
The portrait feature on the iPhone is lovely
I love this house on the path to Portencross beach. It’s a lovely shade of pale green with white around the windows. Look at the colour of the sky tho?!?
Straight in the water… the only big puddle on the beach! West Kilbride on the hill in the background
Huge expanse of beach when the tide is going out
Found a stick in all the frothy stuff
I will get this stone!!!

While I was standing here I heard some really bad news about someone who had committed suicide leaving 4 children behind from ages 8 to 18. She struggled with alcohol addiction… it’s her mum that I know. Devastating for them all. I don’t know the girl but I will always remember her here on Portencross beach. Such a sad story butt at least she is now at peace. 💔

This one is a panoramic shot
Just beautiful
I guess a reminder that no matter how bad life feels the days continue to change. The sun goes down and the sun then rises and
And my lovely cuppa message!!

I slept ok last night, very bizarre dreams about all my old jobs rolled into one. Bosses from the last place visiting suppliers from the first job.. that kind of thing. So up at 8 and tidied the kitchen then had a wee online filming session with my kinesiologist. She’s making some films to post on her FB page explaining how online Health Kinesiology works. It went really well and I actually enjoyed it and forgot she was recording!

I then had dog behavioural calls to make and out of 3 only got one to answer! Yesterday in the sunshine, everyone wanted to chat… today in the horrific monsoon outside… everyone was busy 😆🤣

I’ve also done some village hall treasury work today too. Getting the accounts in order and paying some bills. a successful businessy type day!

I’m now sitting with my feet up crocheting watching Indiana Jones and the last crusade. There’s a bit covid announcement in a Scotland today but all I heard was that the economy won’t open up until end of April which means lockdown restrictions until then.

Only 102 squares left to do…..

I’m so tired of lockdown but I’m determined to try to enjoy it for what it is. I’m taking the rest of the day off. I’m tired.

But that is ok….

Stay safe everyone 😴😴😴

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