Day 326 happy new tyres Wednesday!

We had something to do today…. Abbie the campers new tyres arrived!

I’m gonna go back to yesterday first. I put the blog out quite early as I’d been feeling rubbish. Sore stomach really lethargic. Ended up out for the count for 2.5 hours….. somethings not right with that much of a nap. That’s a marathon nap!

It’s the tablets I’ve been given for my shoulder….. the omeprazole is not agreeing with me. I had no dinner last night…. All I’ve eaten today is toast . Nothing else cuts it…. I have the squeam….

I haven’t taken omeprazole today and yet I still feel it….. 🤢

Anyway slept fine last night too and up early for the Morrison’s food delivery. We have butter again so had yesterday’s pancakes for breakfast with butter and strawberry jam! 🥞 🍓

Decided to take the dogs out early to get it over with as I felt so rough.

Freya and Bhru first
Will never stop taking photos of these trees!
Blue sky coming!

I did have a laugh to myself as I passed Broadstone Farm and they have a whole load of field gates piled up against a wall…. both old and new…… I would have taken a photo if I could have without trespassing. I would also like it noted that I don’t think I’ve added a gate photo in since gate day?!? 🙈🤣🤣

When I arrived back home there was a HUGE truck at the door and it was my tyres getting delivered. Only ordered on Monday!

I was advised that tyre changing was a one man job so I set off out with Calaidh leaving the one man with the tyres. VERY, VERY GRATEFULLY.

Calaidh had lots of fun on her walk! Her recall was amazing and she seemed so excited to come running up to me

I met the lady that lives in Mid Bogside…. she was out for a walk….. told her I was heading to take photos of her carpet of snowdrops around the side of her house and she had no idea they were there! She came and had a look and was incredulous she’d never noticed them…. she said she spent most of her life living there driving in and out of her driveway….. just shows that we don’t pay attention to things when we are too busy working….

They’re just everywhere!
You can only imagine how low to the ground I was 😬🙄
End of dog walk and start of tyres!
Off with the old and on with the new
Lady with tools in hand…. it may only have been an Allen key but hey…. I helped

I was VERY good at supervising I thought…..

Work in progress
Took her to the car wash and then to Kilbirne Loch on the way home for a photo shoot
May have stopped for some Loch photos
I may have created a shadow…

So I’m really chuffed with the new wheels. Will get the old ones washed and cleaned and up for sale at the weekend.

Had a puppy zoom call at 6 tonight so been a busy day! Got a busier day tomorrow. My lovely mum turns 70 and I think I have 4 zoom calls scheduled through the day already. Excited to speak to her lots and other family on zoom!! A 70th birthday in lockdown……

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

4 thoughts on “Day 326 happy new tyres Wednesday!

    1. Lol I think of you every time I see a gate and think step away from the gates….. 🤣 Would love to have got a photo of the farmers pile of gates tho!! Xx

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  1. Funny you should mention omeprazole. I’m sure they make my bones ache. I try not to have oone every day but I get bad heart burn. Love the new chunky rims and tyres.

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