Day 323 Happy Lockdown Valentine’s Day! ♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️

Ooooh I slept like a log last night…. love my deep, out-for-the-count sleep.

We have Calaidh in with us just now making sure she is ok and you wouldn’t even know…. We were both awake and couldn’t get back to sleep this morning when Craig said he was going to get up and make breakfast…. 💤💤💤💤 then he was gone. Fast asleep. 😆🤣

To be fair when he did wake up again he got up and made breakfast and I came through to some lovely gifts!!

One of the Overland Bound guys Stew Pirie makes these forged roses and Craig added a wooden base with an old roof slate on top to act as a base! Had to put some macarons out this morning.
This shows the base that Craig made for it! It’s really impressive!

🌹S. P Forgeworks 🌹 &

🧁Elly’s Custom Cakes 🧁

Supporting friends businesses! Should say macaron for breakfast is the way forward!!

The intricacy is amazing. 🌹
Have a sloth on my card!!
Awwwww… 🥰

I’ve been VERY lucky today and love all my gifts and what’s more…. as I write this Craig has all the furniture up-ended in the living room and is hoovering and mopping the floors. 🥰 he knows the way to a girls heart. ♥️ I cannot ask for more!

So Claire and I go off out with Bhruic and Freya and it’s not the nicest of days. It’s not as cold as yesterday but still a biting wind and not a hint of blue in the sky.

This path is just black ice!

We had to take baby steps all the way round today.

Having fun in the last of our snow
A serious ice puddle 🧊
It’s cold in the burn today!

Got home and poor Calaidh was sitting at the door with a wee face that said “my turn”! Within 3 minutes of heading out the heavens opened!!

Someone happy though she got a very short run in the field and a play with her frisbee!

My first dog walk with my varifocals on and all good. I think I’ve got used to them straight away. Not great wearing glasses in the rain but hey….

Back home and all the wet stuff changing up while I got a warm shower.

I even have a love T-shirt on!

The fire’s on. The living room, kitchen and sunroom are spotless thanks to Craigie and the dogs are all sleeping. Bliss.

We’ve just had most of last nights Chinese for lunch and it’s 13.58.

There really is nothing else for it…. crochet and movies I reckon.

Stay safe everyone ♥️🌹♥️

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