Day 1108 another stunning beautiful but freezing day ending with a massage!

Pure blue sky all day! Still a wind that could cut you in two.

So let’s start with last night… I actually crocheted with the Hookers last night. Check me. I’ve not done that in ages. Yes I know that’s the whole point of the Crochet Hookers evening but I’ve just not been feeling the crochet vibe. 😂

Did last night!

I came home to try and lay out the squares to determine the next run of colours.

El puppers had other ideas.

I finally got it laid out the way I wanted despite their best efforts!

I’ll use that last photo to join them together the right way.

Bed at 9.15 as I was shattered.

I got up at 5.45 today and was in work for 7.30am to make up the rest of the time for my early finish yesterday.

It was a lovely drive down. The roads were quiet, the sun was huge and the sky was so blue.

Another fast day at Tartan HQ. It’s been a fab week with lots of lovely customers in and out. It’s been lovely to clear through some smaller jobs this week! Keeps me very busy.

Ellison and I actually managed to sit out at lunch, in a wee sheltered spot. Not exactly a stunning view 😂

Boss man and I left at 3.25 to head up to Paisley to pick up Ailsa, the Tartan rental van, from the garage. She has a new clutch!

I made him take some photos as we drove over the Glennifer Braes near Paisley. A full view of Glasgow in the sunshine. I don’t think any of them would have come out properly in a moving van…. He laughs at me though… oohing and ahhhing over everything I see! I’ve told him he’ll never look at a sunrise or sunset without hearing me wittering on about it!!

I then had to fly back down the road to Beith for my massage tonight with lovely Norma, in Harmony.

It was SO good. I’m yawning just thinking of it! I’m still using my birthday vouchers. I’m so grateful for the vouchers I got. Love a massage!!

So that’s my Thursday! Hope yours was good too!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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