Day 1109 a very sunny dog walk and the little gift shop 🎁🎁🎁

Woke up at 5am…. It was almost light but even although Craig got up, I managed to fall back asleep until just before 7 when I was rudely awakened by two door barging, bounding puppers launching themselves at me!!!

I lay and never moved, trying not to laugh, despite Bhruic trying her best to get under the covers to lick my face. 🤦🏻‍♀️😆 She gave up pretty quickly, but Freya lay down and stayed for a while. Calaidh also came in and lay under the bed for a bit. She’d found a peaceful haven.

When I did get up I was really grumpy….. I feel tired, lethargic, lack lustre and irritable.

I think it might be just that time of the month. I don’t quite know where to put myself. I think I just wanted to curl back up in a ball.

Yet it’s a beautiful day. So… I got my gym stuff on and took the dogs out for a run.

I know when I feel like this that’s it’s only temporary and that it will pass but it’s so hard to fight it sometimes. it takes a lot of strength which can be so tiring.

I feel woolly headed but also like I’m wearing a metal hard hat. I feel antsy and irritable and have so little patience it’s unreal. I can’t think straight.

I really did everything I could to fight back.

The dogs were really boisterous and not that well behaved for me, to start off with, but they can always sense when something is wrong.

They did calm down and fall into an orderly trot as we ran. I began to feel better.

Just love the colours.

There was obviously something really exciting going on as the pups checked their pee-mail.

Off to the little gift shop via the pharmacy this morning. Had to pick up the last of my progesterone prescription. It’s in high demand just now and always a bit short of stock when I need a new prescription.

I drove to the big cross section at the end of our street and could feel the anxiety starting to bubble over as I sat waiting for the traffic to clear. I actually just talk to myself to try to calm it. It’s completely irrational and I manage to nip it in the bud.

It was a beautiful day today. Some customers said it was warm and some said it was freezing. Typical Scottish sunshine!

I’ve taken some photos of the lovely flowers in the shop today.

This first one, Gayle made up for a lovely customer today. It’s so pretty.

Focus on the beauty and the anger goes away.

Love this next one 💜

Mid afternoon I almost poured the kettle into the open jar of coffee! I then put the lid on the coffee and put it on the kettle base…. Not where it lives. I’m all confused and jumbled.

I’ve been concentrating on “these feelings are temporary” and “I’ve gotten through these challenges before and I will get through this today”.

I’ve had a great day at the shop and great chats with Gayle but I am shattered tonight. And this last one… ♥️♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️