Day 1095 a beautiful day for Good Friday 2023

The moon was enormous when I was out with the dogs last night!

It’s like the sun rising….

I woke at 3.30am today and couldn’t get back to sleep. Reckon I did for about an hour and woke about 6.30am. Sluggish and grouchy.

It’s a beautiful morning. The forecast is for sunshine all day. It’s cold though when you’re out of the sun.

We started the morning with me dressed for a dog jog but Craig coming for a walk. A potential photo shoot opportunity!

Treesa, Twiggy and Oakley….. our dog walking group named these 3 trees years ago… yeah I know there’s a 4th in that photo…. Never noticed that one before 😂
Look at that frost!
Not quite according to plan
I love Calaidh’s face here

Now I will be very honest here and say that I was out appreciating the beauty and wonder of the early morning sunset while Craig has a lot on today and used the time to chat.


I did not respond well to this intrusion into my silent wonderment. Is that even English?!? Safe to say…. It was a learning curve. Either go on your own for a walk if you need space or remember that when you’re together that you actually should be capable of communication! Sorry handsome boy 😘

It’s been a beautiful day. ☀️☀️☀️

Everyone that comes into the shop tells me how warm it is outside…. Easily our warmest day of the year so far. I took my gloves off at 1.30pm 😂😂 wore my scarf all day. It was cool in the shop with the door open though we were able to switch the heating off mid afternoon.

The shop is beautiful this week… not that it isn’t always 😂 Gayle has bought loads of new stock. It’s so springlike. Here’s a selection of photos.

I just love working in this beautiful space. It’s been a fairly busy day and passed really quickly.

I’m home now…. Still wearing the scarf but sitting out in the back garden.

Need to go and out some dinner on to save getting a takeaway. Something nice and healthy instead.

Hope you had a lovely sunny day. It might still be warm-ish when I finish work tomorrow, I hope!!

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️