Day 1116 a lovely day in The little gift shop!

I have the Conn…. as they say in Star Trek. (I think it’s an old naval term but I’m sticking with Star Trek…. 😂)

Gayle is on holiday this week and I’m in charge at The little gift shop Beith. It’s been a good day with lots of lovely customers!

Lots of new stock came in today and is already priced and out on the shelves!

New James and Co diffusers…. We have one of these behind the till when I started back in September…. It’s still smelling lovely though no oil left. That’s nearly 8 months. Not bad for £11.

Gin and whisky merch!

These are lovely just in time for King Charles’ coronation.

I’d kinda forgotten we had a King now…. Still sounds very strange to say that!

I had a great sleep…. First night off the progesterone…. It should have been the second night off but I’d done one too many. But hey…. Woke up just after 5.30 and had a generally lazy morning until I got ready for the shop.

It’s been smirry rain all day and everyone has complained about the weather. It’s a very British thing to do. 😂

I’ve had some LOVELY chats with customers today. really lovely. One lady has the busiest weekend and I’m actually stressed out for her… as I write this, sitting with my feet up, waiting for a takeaway to arrive. 😆

My head’s been good today. Long may that continue.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️