Day 1104 a very thought provoking start to the day…

I started the day the wrong way today. I clicked into Sky News….. 😳

There’s a reason I don’t watch, or read the news…..

The world is going crazy. There is far too much drama. Everyone seems to hate everyone else. Everyone is fighting everyone else. Why can’t we all just take a step back and let others do their thing while we do ours.

(That’s easy to say, I guess, until I find something I totally disagree with. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂)

Social media doesn’t help as we are suddenly carrying everyone else’s opinion about in our pocket.

To be fair, these days, I don’t often have strong opinions either way. These last 4 and a half years have brought out the empath in me.

I feel like I see and feel everything. I can understand why people are how they are. I understand when they are angry it’s a culmination of their day, their life experiences, their stresses, their worries, their beliefs. It doesn’t stop me being affected by it at times. I need to take a leaf out of my own book here!

I used to get quite anxious when I could see how easily they could make their lives better… but that’s not my job to fix. I have enough to do fixing mine.

I might get a bit political for some people (which is not like me at all, but, please bear with me here, it comes from a position of empathetic impartiality… 🫣 at 7.50am on a Sunday…. Check…. Me…….) but I saw a couple of things today that made me sad.

  • the 155th mass shooting in America in 2023… (it’s only mid April!) under Kentucky law, the gun used cannot be destroyed and has to go back up for auction and use 😳 there will be those who don’t see any problem with that. A gun is a gun is a gun…. And those who are incredulous that law was passed.
  • I watched the protesters at the UK’s Grand National horse race yesterday and wondered how you could be that incensed about something to risk arrest…. Then proceeded to gulp back tears as I knew the horse that fell at the first hurdle had died. If you absolutely love an animal then how can you put them through that for money?
  • I follow the Asher House on FB and YouTube, it’s a dog rescue in the States. Lee posted yesterday that a Cat rescue lady had taken her own life. She has suffered badly with her mental health all of her life and had previous suicide attempts. She did amazing work in the cat rescue world and was very vocal about her mental health. She STILL got trolled and couldn’t cope with the negativity that was levelled at her. How can anyone be so cruel?!?!
  • Look at the HATE directed towards Megan Markle. What if….. even just a teeny weensy bit of her story is true?! What if it’s all true?! It could be and we just don’t know and we are livid with her for ruining the Royal Family’s reputation.

I guess my point is the we don’t know the truth, we can appear just as wrong to the next person with the opposing belief.

We only know what we think and we have been brought up with morals passed on to us by our parents and previous generations. That does not necessarily make US RIGHT.

We can also never assume to know the truth, about anything as there is an insane amount of media coverage in our world.

The Trump supporter follows their biased news as the Biden supporter follows their biased news. Funny how I don’t quote the UK here, I don’t know who they are anymore!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂

You get the drift.

We can be angry at something for absolutely no reason and WE could be just be as bad as the person or group that we choose to be incensed at.

Just stop for a minute. And breathe.

The next time you get really angry at something… stop, breathe, take a step back and wonder where your anger is coming from.

Why ARE you so angry?

Take a further step back and wonder why the other people might have the opposing view or why they may have done what they have done. What makes them tick?

Don’t always assume the worst.

We are all scared of opposing views. In Scotland people are terrified that independence would break up our great nation and we will be weaker as a result. Better the devil you know…. Yet the other half of Scotland are desperate to get away from the lack of Scottish focus of the UK government.

Understanding this goes a long way.

Not one of us has lived the same life as the next person. Even my little brother and I are very different and we were brought up in the same house 3 years apart.

We all talk about kindness towards each other, but I think that can only be true when we take the time to understand our “opposition”.

Maybe then we can take some of the fire out of our mouths. Maybe we can douse out some of the hatred.

We all need to make a contribution to stop this frenzy.

Otherwise I will have to find an uninhabited island and go live there for the rest of my life.

I’ll have to put barbed wire up around it to stop anyone from getting to it and live my life out in blissful ignorance.

I’m sorry to throw all that at you on a peaceful Sunday but that’s a prime example of how you control your mood and this didn’t go well for me.

I usually look at loads of positive posts on a Sunday morning.

So yeah, I’ve not actually had the best day today. I’ve tidied out drawers and moved clothes around and emptied the desk, but I didn’t achieve half of what I wanted to do.

I found a lot of writing that I did when I was off sick. It’s a good way to see how far I’ve come. Today a bad day is one that just didn’t go to plan. It isn’t one that feels like the end of the world and that’s a huge difference.

We’ve had a movie afternoon as I chose to relax.

I may have had a nap too!

I’ve also re-read what I wrote this morning. The overthinking me worries about upsetting someone. That isn’t my intention.

Craig quite rightly said if someone digs up the pavement outside our front door then we have a right to be upset. Of course he’s right…. 😂😂

I just wish everyone could be kind to each other and just be.

Back to dog walks, house clearances, work and the odd van holiday. Normal service has been resumes tomorrow I promise!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️