Day 1114 still not feeling great but lots of sunshine today! ☀️☀️

I slept really well last night. My evening spent curled up on the couch in a Christmas onesie and a blanket did the trick.

I got up for the loo at 1.30 (which is much more of an effort now that we are upstairs 🙄😆) and woke Craig too but managed to fall back asleep until just before 6am.

I felt a lot better this morning. No headache and no sluggishness which was good.

It was meant to be frosty this morning but it’s not so I’m really grateful not to have to scrape the van!

I even went outside with the dogs and took photos of the forest flame. It’s so beautiful!

It was nice to catch it in the sunrise light.

Those colours are just stunning!

I gradually felt worse as the day went on and had a lovely half hour lunch in Abbie the camper van at 1pm.

It’s always hard to leave the van as it feels like I’m on holiday every although I’m just sitting outside work! It’s super toasty inside with the sun streaming in the windows. Still not warm enough to sit outside though.

I’m still feeling lightheaded and dizzy with sore head and sore eyes.

I’ve realised though that most of us at work have similar symptoms though so it’s not just me and might be a thing….

I’ve cancelled crochet for tonight and will coorie up again. As snug as a bug in a rug… as Gran would say!

Don’t panic though. I still have my appetite. 🙄😆

I am actually sitting out in the back garden writing this. My eyes only half open 🤦🏻‍♀️😆 and I got big cuddles from Freya!

The Scottish Dog Behaviourist says I can sleep in the spare room. 😆 I told him he can 😂

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️