Day 1101 April sunshine and showers today 🌧️🌦️☀️

Oh my actual word. I had THE best sleep.

Wow. I’m so grateful.

I woke up at 6.10am when a dog barked (couldn’t figure out which one!) and I’m oblivious to any other movement through the night. Craig said he got up at 1.30 and I never heard a single squeaky floorboard.

Thanks to the progesterone part of HRT.

I used to say here that progesterone was not my friend. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 How times have changed….. that’s me back on it for the next two weeks. I was slightly excited when I realised I had to start taking it last night.

My reminder worked…. I didn’t get one saying start taking it, closely followed by one saying stop taking it…. Like I did a few months ago. Check me.

Is this maybe 5 months in now I think and finally the reminders are accurate. Didn’t take that long then eh?!?

It’s been a beautiful day at times. We were really busy at work so I ended up outside a fair bit of the day, which has been lovely!!

We had a photoshoot with a brand new van that we have converted. It only had 65 miles on the clock! I ran around taking loads of photos, as you do, if you’re me. 😂 I was in my element!! Will wait until work share them before I do…. Even though I took them. 😂

It was actually really warm in the sun for a bit today. I’ve got rosy cheeks. 😊

By the time I left work, it was starting to rain. I went to Aldi on the way home and got completely soaked taking the shopping back to the van. Drookit!

So yeah, a good day today.

Bhru on the other hand has lost her ball under this really annoying unit…. 😂

Looking forward to some chill time this weekend.

Stay safe everyone 🌧️🌦️☀️