Day 1096 Easter Saturday 2023 🐰🐣🥚🌺

I should start by saying I smile as I write the blog these days…. As I type up the day and think to myself, I can’t believe we are nearly at day 2000…. We’re not dearest, day 2000 does not come after day 1099 but I think that every single day before my inner voice has a good laugh. 😆😬🙄🤘

Craig politely declined, “bite your head off dog walk” this morning, can’t think why?!? So I headed out for dog jog with the puppers.

The wild daffies are in full bloom!

Bhru’s talking to Calaidh 😂 love the way they look at each other when we run! (They actually do look like they are stationary here 😂😂)

Then Freya started to limp a fair bit. I stopped and checked her paws, found nothing but she was still limping pretty badly.

I then thought I might have to carry her so I picked her up 😳😬 but there was no way on this earth, that I was going to be able to carry her and walk the other two home. 🙄😂

When we got home she had cuddles with the Scottish Dog Behaviourist. That seems to have made it all better.

I went out into the garden to take this through the window. I should say that Craig still uses the crochet blanket I made for him!

I stripped the bed, washed it and hung it out on the line before work. I put a second washing in before I left. It feels cold and might not dry but at least it will get a good blow around in the fresh air.

Then had to pop to the Pharmacy to pick up my repeat HRT prescription. This is my third batch. There’s a shortage or progesterone but I got some of it thankfully. Just have to get the remainder on back order.

I spoke to them about a pain I have in my big toe joint. I’d taken photos in the sun last night when I got home from work. Don’t worry I’ll spare you 😬😆 but she did say she was sorry but……. it may be the start of a bunion…. 😳

I have no pain for days and then all of a sudden it feels excruciating. It’s like the joint has a pulse, yet as I sit here writing, I can’t feel a thing. I haven’t felt it all day today but it was really sore yesterday.

Now I should say here, that we’re no strangers to bunions in my family so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to me. 😆

I had a great day at The little gift shop. It was really busy. I love that buzz!! When I finished I had to pop up to the Lochwinnoch shop to pick up some flowers to deliver to a lovely customer.

I couldn’t resist a wee sunflower selfie! The sun was shining and it felt quite warm.

I popped into drop off the flowers on the way home and had a lovely chat with a poor lady who is housebound until her mobility scooter arrives. I’m certain we’ll see her flying up and down the pavements soon!!

Home for 20 minutes, changed and back out to the Gateside Inn next door, for what could be the last meal ever. It’s up for sale and the kitchen is closing from tomorrow. We had chicken tempura to share, to start, steak pie for mains and a hot chocolate fudge cake to share, for pud!

I was pre-sad when I only had 4 chips left on my plate!!

We came back home after late lunch and I’ve been pottering. I’ve made the bed back up with the clean sheets, cleaned the windows, tidied up a bit and have finally sat down to write this. I could sleep now!!

It’s clouded over now but it is lovely to have had some bright weather these last few days.

I’m sooooo ready for my one and only day off tomorrow!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️