Day 1110 the little gift shop and a Drag Lunch in our wee village hall!

I didn’t feel good when I first opened my eyes this morning. I felt very tired and sad. My head felt really foggy again.

I put my eye mask back on (these things are a godsend!) and rolled over.

All I kept thinking about was a lack of time….

I have so many things that I want to do but I am working all the time (not true!) and when I’m not working I am very carefully planning my rest time. I’m tired.

I’m already thinking it’s Saturday morning and by tomorrow night it’s time for work again on Monday.

No gratitude for, what is, a lovely time of the week for me.

I fought the “to dog jog or not to dog jog” this morning and figured that I did actually need the rest. I had a quick look at The Rambling Sloth FB feed.

This ♥️

I lay there and thought this over and over in my head. I tried to silently meditate and push all negative thought away.

I don’t think I slept again but when I did get up I felt completely different. My head is clear, I feel a little buzz of excitement for the day ahead.

I stripped the bed and got it in the machine…. it’s washed and hung up to dry before I head to The little gift shop.

I enjoyed getting ready for work. A bit extra makeup as I’m out this afternoon.

Always amazes me how my Fb is set up… “quit complaining and count your blessings. Exactly what I needed to see!!

I took this lovely photo the other night but forgot to post it yesterday. There was a lovely sunset sky outside, Craig had an old paraffin lantern, that’s he’s cleaned up, burning away on the window ledge. With the birth light of the tv… He’s relaxing back watching tv under his crochet blanket. I love how a photo builds up like that.

This is my new view 😂

So this afternoon’s entertainment was something else!! A drag act in the village hall.

Well….. my ears are ringing…. I’ve felt a huge wave of different emotions today but most of all I am really glad that I stepped right out of my comfort zone.

Sat in the village hall with most folk drinking and a drag act stripping off in front of us…. Honestly is my idea of hell. I went from cringing to the point of building abs as my stomach was pulled in so tight, to laughing and singing and then cringing all over again.

Honestly, his sound system really let him down and we couldn’t hear much of what he said….. and he wasn’t the best (not that I have any comparison) but…. The sound of so many women singing along to his songs was pretty special. I love everyone joining in. I got loads of videos to share with the girls.

Here are my “dates” for the day, Evelyn and Shelagh. I’m so grateful to them for coming with me.

Here’s our table.

3 of the girls were great and got up with him. That really made it. They were brilliant!!

We had a lovely lunch provided by the Gateside Inn. I had pate and oatcakes to start and chicken in peppercorn sauce with rice. Super tasty!

I’ve had a laugh, I’ve had a giggle, I’ve cringed, I’ve sung my wee heart out. I don’t do stuff like that anymore. I’m super proud of myself for going and I’m sure my stomach will hurt tomorrow with all that cringing 😂😂😂

And finally….

Don’t forget that in the UK our phones are going to blast out an emergency alert at 3pm tomorrow. (23rd April).

Also so grateful that I totally turned my mood around. ♥️

Happy Saturday night.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️