Day 1117 The little gift shop and a sneaky wee night away! ROADTRIP!!!

Slept like a log again. Awake as the Scottish Dog Behaviourist’s alarm went off at 6am… on a Saturday. 🤦🏻‍♀️😆

I’m sooooo tired today. I’m thinking of going away overnight but can’t decide one way or the other. I have so many rules…. It has to be near the sea, quiet, not too far a drive as it’s only one night, preferably the west of Scotland and preferably North, not sure I fancy doing the side of Loch Lomond drive again…. Jeez… no wonder I can’t pick anywhere. Every campsite I find doesn’t tick one of my boxes…. I just need to decide which one is able to give.

I had to try and get to a bank this week to pay a cheque in, so I decided to head before work and be in Johnstone for the Bank of Scotland opening at 9am.

Honestly, the anxiety this morning has been overwhelming. I had a huge list of what if’s…. All of them ridiculous… all of them with a “but I know that won’t happen”…. I also had Craig’s car as he was using Abbie the Campervan to pick up a dining table this morning. (More about that when the room it’s going to be in, is tidier 😆)

Concerns were mainly centred on not getting back to the shop in time but so many more. What if I couldn’t get parked? I did. What if I didn’t take the right documentation with me? I only needed my bank card and I had it. What if I’d gone all that way and they wouldn’t accept the cheque? They did. What if I did the wrong thing in the bank? LIKE WHAT?!?!?!???!

Added to that driving his car….. 😳🤦🏻‍♀️😂

I stood outside the bank front door for precisely 6 minutes before they opened the door. I blithered a whole diatribe of giggly, nervous words to the lady who opened the door (I am actually laughing at that now!) and I just rabbited my way through the whole process.

As I walked away from my 4 minute transaction, adrenaline flooded through me and I felt really dizzy, like I would faint and I started to cry as I walked out onto the street. My heart was pounding.

I’m sorry but what the actual ****?!?!?!?!

There are days when I do really despair at my reaction to simple, everyday life. Now on the list… fear of banking transactions?!?! Said no one ever!!

I got to The little gift shop at 9.20 and a lady asked me about our bag sale as I was opening the shutter door…. and said she’d come back…. No, no, no, don’t be daft, in you come and I’ll get the lights on. Not turning anyone away because a light isn’t on!

The shop hasn’t stopped ALL day. I am buzzing with the excitement of seeing my total at the end of the shift. I want Gayle to be lying on her sun lounger really proud of what we’ve done.

And I’ve come close to my best Saturday morning. Easily!

By the time I get home I am shattered. I decide not to go away. I’ve lost Craig and the dogs so I sit down on the couch and breathe. I am certain I’ll end up having a nap this afternoon.

Of course it turns out he is walking them. I tell him I’m planning to just stay home when he comes back.

Then I had a thought and I asked him what he had been planning to do if I’d gone away….. he had such a nice wee evening planned that I decided I was going to head away and chill out in the van so he could have a wee evening without me being tired and moany and I could have a quiet night crocheting in the van.

Where to go…….. 🤪😂😂😂😂😂😂

I finally booked the Mountain View & Retreat only 38 minutes from the house. The sea had to give to allow me a shorter drive.

They called me straight away to say the campsite wasn’t open yet 😳 and I was to come to the West Highland Way campsite. So after finally choosing one, I’m on a completely different one! But that is ok….

So here I am.

The guy made a big fuss of me and said I was his first booking on the new site and he hugged me for that… 😬

Unfortunately it’s waterlogged. Earlier he’d said it was not quite open yet. Not sure which is true but he’s given me the best pitch on the site, so I can’t complain… not that I would anyway. 😬😆

It’s a surprisingly busy site with lots of cars coming and going. I’ve been here since 4ish and was going to go for a big walk but crawled into the van an hour or so ago and just sat curled up in a blanket. It will be a super early night!!

This is the reception area… spot the gorgeous chocolate lab.

The Aurora Borealis is likely to kick off tonight but it’s super cloudy which is a shame.

I’m at a bit of an angle so will have to turn the bed around the opposite way tonight so my feet are below my head 😆 I’m as snug as a bug in a rug and very colourful, it would seem.

I also have my running gear for the morning but it’s meant to be pouring so we’ll see how that goes. (I have my running gear?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️😂)

After all my weird anxieties I am at peace…..

Oh my god red alert for Aurora just came through!!!!!

Nope still daylight. Back to being at peace…. Electric hook up spoiling my pic!

Then all of a sudden I have horses… lovely!

Stay safe everyone 🚐🏕️🌲