Day 1107 a beautiful day but freezing!

I so very nearly never put a blog out last night. I feel like my rendition of the weather and dog walks and work is a bit dull at the moment. That’s just normal life I guess.

I am super grateful that I’m not feeling awful. My mood is fine so no drama there!

This morning I woke at 5.32am….. to the sound of birds singing away. Only audible because we’re now in the new bedroom in the apex of our roof.

I suddenly remembered I was to be in work for 7am this morning and so very quickly, really woke up!

Jumped out of bed and decided on dog jog this morning.

We went a different way this morning.

Up the hill, so I couldn’t let them off their leads. They sooooo know what is coming.

Normally dog jog consists of me struggling to breathe and them just walking a wee bit faster. Then me running in front of them and me dragging them behind.

Not so this morning. They were bounding up that road…. To the point that my wee legs just couldn’t keep up! I posted a clip on my Insta account at theramblingsloth.

It was so lovely to see their excitement! They literally dragged me up that hill this morning. I was laughing through my breathing!

Here they are on their way back down. Much more sedate.

We did some daffodil sniffing… them, not me obvs.

It was a lovely, quick burst of exercise.

It’s been another lovely day today but fureeeeeeeeeezing!! Such a cold breeze. Lovely blue skies for much of the day.

The highlight of today was the Border Collie that came to visit Tartan HQ. I got lots of puppy cuddles…. Funny I like to get time away from mine but I’m all over someone else’s 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 I came home from work covered in dog hair… obviously I was most like covered in the first place!

So I left work at 2.30pm as we had an appointment with an accountant for The Scottish Dog Behaviourist.

We had a great meeting and got lots of ideas. The new business is really taking off and it’s great to be a part of it.

So yeah not much else to report. I don’t feel as bored with myself as I did yesterday. That’s a good thing, right?! 😂

My favourite garden plant is flowering finally. We have 3 Forest Flame.

I just love the colours and they will only grow more vibrant in the next few weeks. Spring is coming!

Stay safe everyone 🌼🌺🌸

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