Day 1118 a wee morning in Stirlingshire then a food shop and home!

I had a really great sleep in Abbie the Campervan. I don’t always on my first night camping in a while, but I was so tired, I was out like a light about 9pm.

I had gone for an early evening walk last night. It’s really mild despite being cloudy and misty.

There’s Abbie up on the hill!

There were some guys from the campsite walking their dogs off lead. They had already spooked one of the horses in the field and sent it charging across the field.

Next thing I hear crazy barking down in the forest. Incessant barking and these two wee bambi guys head straight towards me!

As soon as they spotted me they about turned and careered in the opposite direction… almost back towards the dogs. They were really spooked.

Now I am a dog owner as you know. I am also Craig’s worst client but I would never be cocky enough to walk the dogs off lead if I thought they could create this much havoc.

To be fair to the owners, next time I saw them all, the dogs were on the lead.

I sent this to Craig. Maybe a good idea for a Scottish Dog Behaviourist post?!

When I got back, the lights were on!

The house looks very pretty!

There was only one incident through the night at 2.45am. I woke up to the sound of folk shouting but I think they were just drunk. I hadn’t heard a peep up until then… then a car left.

I fell back to sleep, woke at 6 and lay till after 8. It’s so peaceful apart from one dog barking…. A lot. Again not sure why the owners don’t stop that.

I headed off for a run about 9am. It’s really misty and damp but not raining, like it was forecast which is good. Everything looks really green after the rain through the early hours.

This next one is very blurry… trying to catch a bounding bunny while jogging!!

There were loads of them but this was the best shot I got. It was lovely to see them all hopping around.

Zoomed back up to the campsite.

I thought this was really beautiful. So old and mossy….

Back to the van for some peppermint tea, been fasting since 6pm last night and still going well. I sat about for a bit and watched the comings and goings on the campsite then got packed up and ready to head.

My plan was to go to the Devil’s Pulpit but there were no parking spaces. It’s one of those locations that has double yellow parking lines for at least 2 miles in every direction so there is no way you can stop. I was gutted as I’ve seen so many photos and I could only drive over the top of it.

I set the satnav for home and came to a huge car park which turned out to be the Queen’s View and the Whangie…. The most unusual name ever!

I donned the hikies at set off up the hill into the mist.

I’m not sure whether they had a fire here or whether it was controlled burning or not? It it was…. They did manage to burn the fence which you would think they shouldn’t have done!

There’s a stunning view from up here! Honestly!

I still had a lovely walk. It was so calm and quiet. You couldn’t see anyone coming until they appeared out of the mist.

I didn’t do the whole Whangie (?!?!?) as it would have taken about 2.5 hours. I just had a half hour climb up and back down.

I have pinched this photo from Google. This is what I should have been seeing!

Time for lunch!

I sat around in the car park for a while and then headed for home… via Asda for the food shop!

When I got home, the dining room is done!!

I turned the table around!

Craig’s also filled loads of Kilner jars and put them on the shelf. It’s turning into a dining room and larder, and extension to the kitchen. I love it!

So does Bhru!

I do not feel right today. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’m feeling a lot of fear. I was nervous driving, angry at the parking situation at the Devil’s pulpit, nervous in Asda… my heart is beating out of my chest on a day when I should feeling really choked and relaxed. People scare me. I was so antsy in the supermarket. I’ve not felt anxiety like this for a while.

I don’t know why. I feel sad and tired. I feel like I don’t want to type any of this but I have to get it out. Down on “paper”.

So despite all of that. I still did what I did this weekend. I think I’m sad because I found some of it difficult. I spend my whole life wanting to go away and when I do it’s not as easy or “romantic” as I expect it to be.

Sorry. I don’t like it when I’m not buzzing with joy in the blog…. But some days are just a wee bit harder than others.

I might just go for a nap.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

4 thoughts on “Day 1118 a wee morning in Stirlingshire then a food shop and home!

  1. What a great blog. Am enjoying seeing what you get up to everyday. Takes me away from the trials and tribulations here……but I will get through. The big push this week and then back to some kind of normality even if it will have a big hole in it without Charlotte. Thanks for keeping me smiling x

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