Day 1105 a dog walk and work kinda day!

Don’t panic there’s no ranting today…. Back to normal!

Up at 5.30am and out with the dogs. I still ran but there was a fair bit more walking than running. 😂 least I’m honest.

It looks like it rained heavily overnight. The roads were wet but the dogs had a good run.

Sometimes they are behind me!! I felt like THAT person dragging their dogs out for a run. 😂

I love the heaviness of the sky.

Of course I need them in front of me for decent shots 😂

A really busy day at Tartan HQ. Honestly couldn’t believe how fast the day went.

It was lovely and warm at times. Sunshine is coming. I honestly cannot wait!! I miss my flip flops.

Then it was back to dog walk with Claire after work! I cannot believe I don’t have any photos!

Here’s Bhru telling Calaidh she’s not allowed on the couch 😂😂😂

‘Scuse the language but it makes me smile!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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