Day 1078 still home alone with doggos 1& 3

The Scottish Dog Behaviourist is still up north with Bhruic and Abbie the camper van.

They’ve been to the Glenfinnan Monument and Glenfinnan viaduct (made famous in the Harry Potter films) today.

I cannot tell you how proud I am that Craig is off on his own in the van…. Taking some alone time and sitting watching the Loch flow by when I spoke to him earlier. He NEVER does that. He very rarely has silence. I’m so proud of him for doing something different and I love that it’s totally my vibe.

I’ve also been so envious of his trip but I am equally loving the home alone time.

I have a nice wee routine going now. I’m doing way more around the house, looking after it and tidying as I use things like I used to do when I lived by myself. I’m not sure why I stopped, why I’m more lazy when we’re both here. I’m going to try and be more aware of that in future.

I am way more mindful of the dogs…. I’m not irritated by having to walk them early snd , I’m enjoying spending time with them. it sounds daft but I feel more responsible for them. Also 2 of them are way quieter than 3….. it took Sherlock to figure that out. 😆

We were up and out before 6am this morning, it was still quite dark. Had the head torch on the whole way.

And it was raining… got this head torch lit daffodil shot!

Work was really busy again today and the day passes by so quickly.

When I came home from work the dogs were in their dog robes!! Holly had put them on when they came back from their afternoon dog walk! So sweet to come home to them all wrapped up.

I brought the wheelie bin back in, did a quick poop scoop around the garden, fed the dogs and had some pub Mac n’cheese for dinner! It was soooooo good!!

We had a kick about in the garden.

And then we played with tennis balls inside…. While Calaidh gives the ball the manic stare.

Look at her wee floofy paws…. Bless.

They’re both fast asleep now. Silence again. Candles lit. Fire not on as I don’t have enough kindling and it keeps going out… but hey…. I need a man to start a fire 🔥 😆😘that’s just a standing joke between us 😂

A lovely evening.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

2 thoughts on “Day 1078 still home alone with doggos 1& 3

  1. I find when I’m on my own there seems to be so much more time to do things like tidy. Not sure what takes the time usually, I think it’s just getting interrupted all the time by husband who can’t find his own stuff etc!!

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    1. That’s actually so true. I feel like I have so much more time. I’m doing loads in the morning before work. I’m cleaning more than ever. I love it. When I was single my apartment was spotless…. Not so much anymore 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😘

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