Day 1074 a very busy day in The little gift shop… while Abbie the camper runs up another bill in the garage!


I have had the best day. I am buzzing!!!

I’m on a high like Tartan Campers at the Motorhome Show high!!! I am using so many exclamation marks.

We have been so busy in The little gift shop. I just love it!!!

So many lovely people in for Mother’s Day….. met another lovely reader today too, so lovely to put a face to the name… the day just flew in. I didn’t even get time to eat cake!

I was working with Lindsay for the first time today as Gayle is in her new shop in Lochwinnoch.

Lindsay told me about the self catering holiday home she has in Anstruther called Ainster House. Wait till you see it! I’ll post the link to her website below. It is stunning!

Ainster House – Anstruther

Wow, I’m blown away but how beautiful it is inside. Keep it in mind if you fancy a wee holiday to the east coast. Anstruther is beautiful.

So, in other news obviously Abbie the camper van was back in the garage today for a rear wheel bearing. The only reason she didn’t get that last week was that another garage had done her wheel bearings in November and they felt it should be a warranty repair to that other garage. Other garage said “no way wi’ they big wheels” so I took it back to my normal garage to do it.

I work in The little gift shop to fund my aging Camper van it would appear…. I say that and Craig paid today…. Thank you kind and wonderful husband 😂😘🥰

So many people say that I should get rid of her now but in all honesty it is as 2009 plate van so I don’t really think it’s out of the ordinary for it’s age. I guess if I could afford it, I’d take “they big wheels” off and lower her back to normal height but that ain’t gonna happen any time soon….

I am very grateful for my beautiful camper van. She says. Reminding herself.

I had this tag on FB today from the lovely Isy….

How beautiful is that?!?

I have always felt like I was never good enough. Never thin enough, smart enough, trendy enough, rich enough, cool enough, fun enough, pretty enough…. This list comes really easily to me. I can rhyme these off. I have always been disappointed in myself for something.

You know what?!?

I have finally realised I am good enough for me.

I am enough. I’m actually in tears typing this. Sometimes these wee revelations come out of the blue, I certainly never saw this coming until I typed these words. I am enough.

I’m really aware of my gratitude, my ability to be present in the moment and appreciate each day for what it is. Some are still tougher than others. I’m honestly so grateful that I got the chance to see all this. I never would have without all those years of anxiety and depression.

I am enough.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️