Day 1085 our 13th wedding anniversary 💕

Happy anniversary to us!

It’s been a miserable day and it has poured with rain ALL day. What a difference to the blue skies of yesterday.

They day started off with a lot of unusual activity….

A smashed up car appeared in the village overnight….

Now I swear I heard a spaceship swoosh through the village about 9.30pm last night. It “could” technically have been a car running on its rims. I guess…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I was woken by voices about 6 am… with 4 police officers walking around it chatting away. On my day off. They put police tape around it and left.

Then our neighbour Holly phoned to say her back tyre was flat and she needed a run to the garage. We pumped it up and Craig drove her there… we had to stop once to re inflate but by they time they got there it was almost on the rim. I followed them and we p*ssed some guy off when we stopped as he couldn’t get past us for the some total of about a minute and half…. People really do need to learn a bit of compassion and a bit more patience. My anxiety sky rocketed as he hand gestured his impatience.

Anyway, about 20 minutes after that, a giant rock was dropped on the main road, right in the middle of the bit of road next to the dumped car.

Check the size of it compared to Abbie the camper van?!?

I mean you couldn’t make that up?!?!

Here’s Holly and I, on the pub CCTV, trying to move it…

An Artic truck driver stopped and managed to get it to the side of the road by rolling it.

Then Iain from the Plant Centre saved the day by moving it with his forklift, thanks to Elly for calling him.

She also told us the truck has dumped mud all over the roads on the way out the village.

Elly’s photo!

So much drama before 10am!! It was pouring…. Obviously…. So we just took the dogs out as we were soaking already.

The daffodils have come out in force since yesterday.

There’s a house just at the blue wheelie bin…. I’d messaged the lady who lives there last week with a lovely photo of daffies with her house in the background. She says she’d planted the daffodils years ago to make people smile as they walked past, to let them see spring was coming. How lovely!! She also watched a woman pick loads of them recently….. 🙊🙈

Anyway, I digress. Bhru was being a cheeky pup when we got home, hiding the ball from Calaidh!

Calaidh is telling me here that Bhru has the ball.

Craig made a lovely breakfast.

We booked lunch in the Waterside Hotel in West Kilbride for 1pm.

We had vouchers for my 50th birthday! We had 3 courses and now might sleep for a week!!!

I had mussels in a smoked cider, bacon, tomato and chill sauce and Craig had the traditional Cullen Skink.

For mains I had hot smoked salmon and prawn salad and Craig had the Scottish beef burger and chips. I order chilli fries on the side but ate about 5 of them! This is the most I’ve eaten in ages.

Of course I had dessert after a wee break. A teeny Maltesers cheesecake for me and a mahooooosive Lemon Meringue pie for Craig.

The food was amazing and we were so grateful that it was free!! Thanks to Craig’s sis Lisa and our friend Elly for the vouchers!!

I had to run next door back to the garage to pick up the car but I’m shattered now. Comfies on and Craig is in the process of lighting our tea light village. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 it takes a while.

Cheeky Bhru is at it again…… she knows fine well Calaidh wants the ball!

Love this face!

Oh I forgot to say I got beautiful flowers this morning and a lovely card from Craig!

I’ve said before that we’ve had our ups and downs…. As I imagine every marriage has. Craig has stood by me through some pretty difficult times and he drives me round the twist and back a fair bit. I feel like we’ve got it more together these days. I’ll take the credit that it’s my new calmer demeanour 😂😘😂 but honestly, we get on so much better these days. I’m super proud of him with his Scottish Dog Behaviourist venture. It’s lovely to see him so focussed on his work. Here’s to many more years Craigie 😘 then and now.

Back to work tomorrow…. 😢 hols never long enough.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️