Day 1066 the Battle Hastings 😆 ok not… just another day in the life!

I had the best sleep!!! 8 and half hours. Almost straight through.

Somehow Calaidh snuck into our bedroom last night 😆 so she moved around a couple of times, I woke and went straight back to sleep.

It really is the best feeling.

So I’ve been thinking a lot today bout nutrition…. As you do.

I’ve been fasting now since 20th December. I don’t really feel like I’ve lost weight but I still feel so much better for it. I’ve found the thing that really works for me. I don’t feel bloated anymore. I enjoy it controlling my food intake.

However, I’m still not eating properly the rest of the time. I need to make more effort and get back to proper food shopping and cooking again.

Even as I write this I get the fear, how many times have I said it?! How many times have I not done it. But writing it puts it out there.

My friend Evelyn send me some lovely recipes today and this…..

She says this applies to the food. I am going to make that meal. 😂 maybe one day…. Soon. I will try. See what I’m doing here?!?

I’ve had a really good day again today. I smiled to myself this morning when I realised that I am so contented at work when everything goes my way. I had tasks that needed doing, I plodded through them. I tidied my paperwork, cleared my desk and then tackled all the samples and cleared through the storage area. I need everything sorted so I can concentrate.

I was in my element. I then started working through other jobs that need doing. All without interruption, without any stress, without anxiety.

Now life is not like that. It cannot be like that all the time. Life throws you curveballs. Hey my job revolves around interruptions…. They’re not even called interruptions!!!

So I chuckled to myself today when I realise how happy I was when everything was perfectly ticking all of my neat little tidy boxes. I think how crazy my head gets when it doesn’t. It’s lovely to have a day where I appreciate that.

The Scottish Dog Behaviourist is out at work tonight so I have the remote to myself. I’m watching a movie and will have a lovely early night.

Craig got some amazing testimonials from his new clients and put them up on his website. I’m so proud reading them. He’s doing so well.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️