Day 1059 Abbie the camper van got a bath (it’s ok I hear myself and you know I’m joking 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😘) on 2-3-23

I didn’t sleep well last night… Calaidh barked on and off a few times, not enough to fully wake me just enough to give me a restless sleep.

It was also the first night without progesterone for the next two weeks so I don’t always sleep as soundly without it.

I cannot complain after two weeks of amazing sleep!

Saw loads of lovely things on FB this morning when I couldn’t get back to sleep.

How lovely is that?!? If we spread a bit of love and kindness it really makes a difference to everyone else.

This next one is so true. Unfollow, hide, snooze, don’t read, don’t listen to anything that takes away your peace.

For a lot of today…. I’ve heard myself…. I feel I’ve been a bit cooky, a bit off the wall, a bit crazy, I’ve overthought every word that came out of my mouth, every action. Cringe.

Not sure why….

Yes, stop overthinking! 😂

Just as I was leaving work I decided to wash the van. It was filthy!! I was on a roll…. It’s great to see it clean again. I need to get the inside done.

I’ve gone from thinking I had to sell it to taking care of it. 😆

I ordered a towelling robe for wild sea swimming. It will help getting changed outside. I think I look like a giant tomato… could be worth something 😂🍅

It was only £14.99 and it’s huge. I’m pretty impressed with it. Can’t wait to try it.

I’ve just looked at the forecast and reckon it might be a wee while before we can get back into the sea. There’s a bunch of snow forecast for Monday and -6°C on Wednesday morning. 🥶💙

And finally….. do what’s right for you and “refuse to feel bad about this” ♥️

A bit of a mish mash today…

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️