Day 1068 early dog walk, The little gift shop, food shopping (check me), housework and a lovely nap!!

My day in a nutshell, once again you read the title and it sums up the blog. No need to read on 😂😂

I had to get the dogs out before work today as Craig was out all day. It was a cold morning with a low wintry sun.

I took all 3 at once which could have gone either way and actually they were really good. Actually I was good. I was in control. I didn’t overthink it, we just went for a walk.

Love that the minute I go to take a photo, Freya looks back and smiles 😂

The sun is desperately trying to get through the clouds.

Let’s all fan out!

Check these wee guys. The white one is checking us out.

The poor daffies are suffering from the frost.

Arty portrait shot of the top of a frosty hedge.

I love when the sun is like this. I call it a watery sun but I’m not sure that’s the right way to explain it.

It’s so peaceful and quiet. It must have been around 7.15am. We didn’t meet a soul.

I did a FB post on the bench page that I’ve joined 😂😂😂 I did it when I got home, not on the walk.

I love this next one. I have 3 dogs in tow, crossing a road and I still manage to get the shot!

I would be happy if I never hear the news again. I know I’m maybe a bit too insular at times but it suits me and really helps my head.

There’s a lady Isy, that I’ve never met, that’s now a friend on FB and she shares all these wonderful posts. I know we have connected for a reason. I feel like these speak to me. This next one absolutely!!

So off to The little gift shop for 9.30 and the morning flew in. We had some great chat!

After work I headed to Tesco and did the first food shopping in ages… I’m determined to try a recipe that Evelyn gave me through the week. Will see how that goes tomorrow.

I filled the van with diesel and it cost me £120!!!!!! It was very empty but wow…. I bought a fairly minimum shop for £58. Everything is crazy expensive these days.

Home, put the shopping away, put a washing on, made some soup, kicked balls with the puppers, tidied the kitchen, sat down and realised how tired I was….

I climbed into bed and had the best nap. Not been able to do that for a while. Musta needed it!

So yeah….. another good day. Tealight village is lit. I’m sitting in the living room with only the candle light, writing this. I’ve ordered Chicken Karahi from the Indian takeaway and I am soooo relaxed. I have a whole day to myself tomorrow with no plans whatsoever…. Oh except for some cooking. Hopefully!

This last one just in from Tracey in Canada. Just in time for the end of the blog. A lovely one!

Happy Saturday night.

Stay safe everyone 🕯️🕯️🕯️