Day 1061 The little gift shop and some time off to do absolutely nothing!

Awwww I had the best sleep again last night. Soooo good. Woke at 7.41am. 8 and a half hours!

I felt so fresh and rested when I woke up.

So off to The little gift shop for 9.30 and had another lovely morning. I was the pricing queen! Wait till you see the lovely selection of cards we have.

Look at those colours. I had to fan them all out just to get a photo!

I also bought this as we are having a Scottish afternoon in the Village Hall tomorrow and I thought this would be a great raffle prize.

Gayle put a lovely purple bow around it too after I took this photo.

So I finally have some time to do nothing and some time to myself…. And of course I have no idea what to do! I know that I don’t want to watch the football that’s on this afternoon 😂

Oh that reminds me… Craig has worked on his first video blog today so I’m sharing it here. Hope the link works.

Scottish Dog Behaviourist video blog

It’s one thing to start up your own business these days but it’s a completely different thing to step right out of your comfort zone and record yourself in front of a camera. Putting himself right out there but I believe it’s the way forward.

If you have a dog please give his page a follow. He’s sharing loads of great info on there and it would mean the world to us

It was still sunny when I got home so I popped out into the garden to play with the dogs for a bit.

Calaidh in mid air!
Bhru with that sneer that says just throw the ball and enough with the photos 😂
Freya always has a bit of wood nearby to pick up when the action happens!

I have to help set up the Hall at 7pm tonight but other than that the day is mine. I’m currently sitting in Gran’s chair in full recline. It’s been a while but it feels nice to be back.

The wood burning stove is on and I’m finally starting to heat up. Our house is always freezing as we keep the doors open for the dogs…. I’ve brought them in and closed the doors!

I may have a nap, I may crochet but most of all I am calm, relaxed and resting!

And it’s really lovely.

Happy Saturday evening to you all!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️